Do you think your family is unique or we say Anokhi?

Do you think your family has something special that makes it stand out in the crowd?
If yes then why wait to share that Anokha thing with the world?

Well, popular channel SAB TV has launched an Anokha initiative which aims to help people share their family’s uniqueness with the world through their photos.

The campaign has been titled as “Apni family ka Anokhapan Dikhao, SAB TV pe aao”.
The most unique thing about your entry should be – it should be a family picture that too with a unique “Anokha” quotient.

To participate, all you have to do is upload your Anokhi family pictures
There are five Categories for sharing your photos:

Anokhi Selfie Crazy Family- Now, everyone clicks a selfie. The craze of selfie can be vividly observed everywhere. But are all the selfies unique? So, here is your chance to stand tall by sharing a selfie with your family.
Anokhi Foodie Family- Ahhh! This is a sumptuous category. Readers, show the world your loyalty towards your favourite food by clicking a delicious anokhi selfie with it.

Anokhi Cricket Fan Family- When India plays, you forget everything and dedicate your focus, attention, heart, soul everything either to the match ground or to the TV. Well, every cricket crazy family does that. So, this is the chance to show the world that your family is the ultimate cricket crazy family. How? Well, via an Anokhi family photo. Think! Think! Think!

Anokhi Ser-Sapata Family (Travel)-Ignite the Columbus in you, think out of the box and click that cool unique “Anokhi”

travel selfie with your family and share with SAB TV.

Anokhi Costume Family-For this category, you have to pose in Anokhi costumes. Be it some your traditional outfits or that rented costume you bought for the theme party. We even suggest getting something inspired from history, what say?

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