In Humsafars, Arzoo feels Sahir’s pain and stops him from hurting himself. She tells Zaki that Zeenat hold her hand while she is being in coma, and also smile. Zaki assures his support for Arzoo. Nausheen leaves for Lucknow after meeting Alvira and Arzoo. Alvira says she will take care of Arzoo like her daughter. Arzoo cries and says I am your Arzoo which won’t be incomplete. Nausheen cries and hugs her. Anam tells Zaki that it is interesting to see Sahir’s two wives under one roof, and Arzoo’s two lovers under same roof. Alvira asks her to think before saying anything. Zaki asks her not to do any drama. Arzoo comes to Zeenat’s room and hold her hand. She feels someone presence there.
Kurti Apa brings taveez and keeps it under Zeenat’s pillow. Arzoo comes to the hospital and manages to get some injection from a doctor to check if Zeenat is really in coma or is just pretending. Zaki tells Alvira that they should tell everything to Arzoo. Alvira says no as time has not come for her to know everything. Anam taunts Arzoo for becoming Sahir’s wife from an ordinary girl. She says Sahir worries for Zeenat more than you. Arzoo asks her not to worry. Arzoo comes to Zeenat’s room to give injection on her toe, when Kurti Apa comes there and asks her to leave. Arzoo leaves. She comes to Zeenat’s room again and keeps the phone on the table with video on.
Arzoo tells Vikram that I feel that Zeenat is not in coma and is pretending. I will prove it. Arzoo comes and takes her phone. She sees the video and gets shocked to see the video recording changed. She gets a call from a mysterious man asking her to come to outhouse if she wants to get the original video. She proceeds towards outhouse. The masked man aims gun at her. Sahir sees light on Arzoo and sees the shooter. He rushes towards Arzoo and covers her. The shooter shoots at Arzoo and Sahir gets hurt instead. Arzoo gets shocked and calls for help. Kurti Apa hears her screams and says I am at peace hearing your shouts.
Alvira talks to someone and says we have to be careful. It is a matter about my son’s life. Alvira comes there and gets shocked seeing Sahir injured. They rush him to hospital. Alvira gets tensed and calls Zaki. He didn’t pick her call. She informs Kurti Apa. Kurti Apa gets shocked and says my Sahir won’t be saved now. Kurti Apa accuses Alvira for getting Sahir married to Arzoo. Arzoo brings Sahir to the hospital and requests the doctor to save her husband. Alvira asks her to have strength. Doctor says we have to operate on him as there is a huge blood loss and asks Zaki to complete the formalities. Alvira gets a phone call and goes to attend the call.
Doctor gives consent form to Arzoo and asks her to sign on the papers. Arzoo says Alvira and Zaki will sign on them. Doctor asks her to sign on the papers and refer to her as immediate family member. Arzoo signs on the papers, asking him to save Sahir. The doctor takes out bullet from his chest. Arzoo prays to God, requesting him not to snatch her Sahir from her. She recalls marrying him and cries. Doctor informs her that they took out the bullet and the next 4 hours are very crucial for him. Alvira gets a call, she leaves asking Arzoo to be there. She says she has some important work to do. Arzoo wonders what is her important work. Arzoo comes inside the ward and asks Sahir to wake up. She cries and urges him to wake up.
Sahir gets consciousness and opens his eyes after much persuation. Doctor tells Arzoo that he needs bed rest. Sahir insists to go home. Doctor lets him go. Sahir thinks to go to office. Arzoo asks him to sleep and makes him lie on the bed. Arzoo asks him to listen to her. Sahir gets a call. Arzoo switches off the phone. Arzoo asks him to rest else she will take him back to Dr. Khurana. Sahir says no one has shown the right on me till today. Arzoo thinks she made Sahir quiet today. She applauds for herself. Vikram comes and installs godrej security video door phone at the door.
Alvira asks him to solve the mystery. Vikram asks why didn’t you inform Police about attack on Sahir. Anam tells Arzoo that she needs Sahir’s signatures. Arzoo asks her to wait. Anam says I will take his thumb impression. Anam says that business comes first for her. Arzoo says Sahir comes first for her. You can’t go inside. Anam goes in and takes his thumb impression. She comes to Sahir and wonders about his relatives. She says you are not a human, but a money earning machine for them. Alvira gets a message and is shocked. She shouts for Zaki. Alvira says she got a message that her son’s life is in danger. Zaki says he is fine.
Arzoo wonders why Alvira didn’t think about Sahir? She gets Sahir’s medical file and is shocked seeing Sahir name without his parents’ info. She recalls Alvira’s concern for Zaki and not for Sahir. Kurti Apa comes and says Sahir is not the son of this house and not Alvira’s son. Kurti Apa tells her that Zeenat is Alvira’s daughter, and Sahir is Zeenat’s husband. Arzoo says he is alone and have been fulfilling all the relations since 7 years. She says this secret is unknown to everyone and the attacker doesn’t even know that Sahir is not Alvira’s son. She concludes that Sahir’s life is in danger.
Arzoo comes to Sahir and looks at the poison bottle, gets shocked seeing the glucose changed color. She takes out the glucose drip from his hand and sucks the poison and spit it. She falls down unconscious. Sahir wakes up, but falls down on the bed with Arzoo. Zaki comes to the room and sees them sleeping closely. He gets suspicious seeing the poison bottle and calls the doctor. Vikram comes and says he will match their finger prints with the poison bottle. Everyone get shocked. Keep reading.

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