Bade Achhe Lagte Hain Watch Online (English: It Seems So Beautiful) is an Indian television drama series which premiered May 30, 2011 on Sony TV and airs Monday through Friday. It is based on the Hindi novel Patrani by Imtiaz Patel. The drama explores the worlds of two personalities: Ram Kapoor and Priya Sharma, who accidentally discover love after they marry. The series is produced by Ekta Kapoor of Balaji Telefilms and stars Ram Kapoor and Sakshi Tanwar in the lead roles.

The series follows Ram Kapoor, a rich and powerful business man in his early 40s, and Priya Sharma, who is a middle class woman in her mid 30s. Ram’s younger stepsister Natasha and Priya’s younger brother Karthik are in love and their marriage has been fixed by their families. However, both families want Ram and Priya to marry also. Both married each other for the sake of their families. After marriage, both fell in love with each other and their relationship blossoms. Priya gifts Ram a statue of his late father and Ram places his pharmaceutical company in Priya’s name. Ram’s stepmother Niharika is an evil person. She gets jealous of Priya and tries to create misunderstanding between Ram and Priya. Priya soon learns about this. Priya plans to show the true nature of Niharika Amarnath Kapoor to Ram, but at last the plan was spoiled by Niharika. Ram sends Priya out of the house, and police come to arrest Ram for the mistake of Ram’s stepbrother Siddhanth in the “pharmaceutical company.”

At that time Niharika accuses Ram and protects Siddhanth and her true nature is exposed in front of Ram. Priya appears, and because the company’s name was transferred to her name, and is arrested. The court then sentences Priya to 14 years of jail. After that, Siddhanth plans to kill Ram by accident, but Niharika tries to dissuade him. Siddhanth, however, does not heed her, and makes plans for the accident. Niharika, however, makes Ram go in a different car. She travels in Ram’s car, and gets into an accident. She is admitted to hospital and, while dying, she reveals the truth of her life to Ram and Siddhanth. Priya is sent to a different jail. On the way, Priya meets with Kadambari’s sister, and her mother, Jyoti Malhotra. A storm arrives and Kadambari’s mother gives an address to Priya to send her daughter to. Priya is admitted to hospital and recovers. When she returns to Kapoor Mansion, she finds that everyone assumed her dead. She decides to leave Ram and let him move on in life.

She goes to Dubai for taking Cady’s sister to a relative. She goes there and faints. When admitted to the hospital, she finds out that she is pregnant. She tries to inform Ram of this news, but somehow got the message that Ram had moved on after her death. She meets Rajat Kapur, a businessman, and Cady’s caretaker, and started to work in a book shop in his mall.
Priya, now working in Dubai for Rajat Kapoor, has a daughter named Pihu. Rajat is a good friend of Ram. Ram flies to Dubai for his work. Ram meets his daughter Pihu without knowing her real identity. Pihu is also unaware about that Ram is her father. While Priya is trying to pay the rent for her shop with Kadambari a.k.a.Cady and Rahul, (Ram’s best friend Vikram and Neha’s elder son), she learns that Rajat is Anjaan. In Mumbai, Ram proves that Priya was innocent. Rajat reveals his past related with Kadambari(Cady)’s mother Jyoti Malhotra to Priya. Hearing this Cady flees to Mumbai. In search of Cady, Priya, with her daughter Pihu, come to Mumbai after 5 years. Priya meets Ram, who is very shocked and has a heart attack.Ram is cured. After many fights, Ram and Priya are eventually reunited. Priya gets pregnant with Ram’s second child and nine months later gives birth to twin daughters.

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