And thus, the lives of Kanak and Uma don’t seem to get easier..

Star Plus’ Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji is certainly on a spree to present more and more twists in order to keep its audiences hooked.

With Vansh and Saras’ (Swati Kapoor) track gaining a lot of ground, the makers have a shocker planned for Kanak (Rhea Sharma) and Uma’s (Avinesh Rekhi) life too.

Maasisa and Polomi’s evil plans continue to gain importance as Kanak continues to tackle the duo as much as she can.

But while that is a problem already, the upcoming episodes will see actor Ayush Anand enter the show as Maasisaa’s son.

It will then be revealed that Ayush’s character of Aditya is indeed the mastermind behind all of Maasisaa’s plans so far and will make things worse for Kanak and Uma.

Ayush is best known for his role in Ishqbaaaz.

We wish Ayush all the best for this new project!

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