This is hands down one of the most ambitious projects of the channel.

Sony TV is all set to launch its ‘larger than life’ show Porus.

Being helmed by Siddharth Kumar Tewary, the stalwart behind some of the biggest historical and mythological shows on Indian TV, Porus is not only setting benchmarks by creating the most premium content with the best in VFX technology (seen in the promos) but also has made one of the largest sets that any Indian television show has ever seen.

Having been designed by Vaibhav Jadhav and Amit Singh, here are a few facts about the sets.

1. The massive set has been created on over 9 acres of land in Umbergaon, Gujarat, to recreate the era of 350 BC.

2. Before the set was created research for the same was conducted at the Takshashila (now Taxila) Museum in Pakistan.

3. It took almost 7 months for the crew to construct the entire set and more one and a half years of pre-production work.

4. More than 2000 workers per day were hired to complete the construction of the whole set.

Well, this sure is a feat in itself.

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