The actor has fractured her leg!

Actress Gunjan Walia, known for her character Vrinda from Saat Phere-Saloni Ka Safar was back on the screens after 5 years with Colors popular show Naagin and has now injured herself.

We hear Gunjan has fractured her leg. We spoke to the actress, who confirmed the news saying, “Yes I have fractured my leg and it happened while I was working out. I was jumping barefoot when I heard a crack in my ankle. I ignored it then.

But then my ankle got swollen and when Vikas returned from his outdoor shoot in Rajasthan, he saw my leg and told me that it’s a fracture and immediately took me to the doctor. It’s painful, but I am ignoring it because it’s a small thing. I am enjoying the plaster by painting on it and decorating it.”

Gunjan posted a cute picture on her social media …

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