Here is what will happen.

Sony TV show Beyhadh has been witnessing interesting twists and turns off lately, and there’s one more coming in. This time around, however, it will be how Maya (Jennifer Winget) will land herself in trouble.

With Maya now in jail, we all are only wondering what her game plan will be. After all, we cannot forget the way she said: Maine yeh khel nahi haara hai Arjun, Baazi toh main hi jeetungi.”

Well, for starters, she will try to escape the jail by staging one of the jail mates’ fake asthma attack, and while she goes to the hospital with her, she will plan her exit.

However, she will fail at it, as the jailer will catch her red handed and bring her back to her cubicle. Post this, she will be asked to wash the clothes of all the prisoners in jail as a punishment, and given a warning to not try this again or else she will land up in some major trouble.

While she is asked to by the Inspector to wash the clothes, she will at first deny to do it and give a fierce look to the her. To this, she will tell Maya how she is no millionaire here, and has to do what is asked.

Meanwhile, Arjun (Kushal Tandon) and Saanjh (Aneri Vajani) will try to get things on a move for them, as they are stuck up in their own dilemmas.

Though a tad bit funny, it will now be interesting to see what exactly will happen next.

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