Amila Sadhukhan, who played the female lead role of Radha in Zee Bangla’s Radha, says that the soap taught her a lot.
Well, readers would know that Radha is ending and upcoming soap Rangiye Diye Jao will take its slot.
So, when we buzzed Amila to know how her journey has been, the leading lady of the show, who has already started missing her shooting days, said to TellyChakkar, “The journey has been beautiful. I have transformed from being a worst performer to a good performer. Initially, I literally used to cry as I couldn’t perform well and then with the help of my directors, slowly I started to improve. In fact, there have been times when some of my important scenes were okayed in just one take. And now when I am sitting at home and not facing the camera, I am feeling very bad. I am missing my shooting days.”
Speaking about how the story will end, Amila shared, “It will end with Krish (Ravi Shaw) and Radha’s marriage. In the beginning of the story, Krish had to marry her against his will but this time he will marry her happily without any unpleasant feelings.”
The shooting of the last episode took place on 8 November.
So, in what kind of projects she would like to work next? “I want to work in an art film,” replied the actress.
When asked if she would be comfortable in playing a supporting but important role in an art film to which she answered, “I have just started so at this point of my career, I would be glad if I get the opportunity of playing a lead role because supporting role can be played later as well. However, meanwhile, if I get a good serial offer, I will go ahead.”
The story of Radha needed her to be fat but the next one might require her in a different avatar. With this thought in mind, she has already started hitting the gym to reduce her weight.
She quipped with a smile, “I have started hitting the gym because not necessary every story will require a fat girl. I have already lost 1 kg.”
Way to go, Amila!
Best wishes for your next project.

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