Ever since its launch, Zee TV’s popular fiction show, Ishq Subhan Allah, has been grabbing audience attention with its differentiated storyline and unpredictable plot with numerous twists and turns.
Recently, viewers saw Kabir (played by Adnan Khan) and Zara (played by Tunisha Sharma) taking care of the orphan kids and providing them with all the basic amenities, love and care, much against Kabir’s sister in law Zeenat’s (Monika Khanna) will.

While she may be married on the show, Monika Khanna, in her personal life, is looking for her Mr. Right. In fact, the actress has a fixed checklist when it comes to her ideal man. Growing up as a fan of the Khans, she revealed her checklist, “I am a very filmy girl, I have grown up watching bollywood movies that have amazing proposals, romantic moments and obviously lots of drama. I am looking for a guy who is a mix of all the various characters that Shah Rukh Khan has played over the years in his romantic movies, that one guy who will love me unconditionally. If anyone knows someone like that please reach out to me.” But that’s not all, she added, “As much as I love the romantic Shah Rukh, I am also a huge Salman Khan fan.

The guy should be definitely romantic like Shah Rukh but should have a personality like Salman Khan. People say actors are like this and that, but I am a person who goes to theatres like ‘Chandan’ in Mumbai, that definitely doesn’t have good crowd, but I really enjoy watching him on the screen in his swag and how the junta reacts to him.

I go there just to watch Salman’s movies and see the crazy crowd whistling and hooting for Salman which is a very exciting feeling.” Moreover, Monika has already made a pact with her co-stars to help her find the perfect guy. She said, “Even my team on set wants me to get married badly, they are actively looking for my life partner specially whenever there is a new entry of a male actor on the show. It’s embarrassing but they get super excited, try to get the details of the actor and make many attempts to set me up with them every time.” Well, we hope Monika Khanna finds her ideal life partner very soon…

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