MUMBAI: As this is a crucial time for students appearing for board exams, team Patiala Babes have created a fun video to wish all the students.

Maharashtra board exams are already on-going while CBSE and ICSE’s exams will start soon. Young actress Ashnoor too will be appearing for her board exams this year.

In the video, Ashnoor along with her team members can be seen sending best wishes to all the students for their exams.

Ashnoor took to social media and shared the video.

She captioned, “We took ages to make this lol When the #BachchaParty of #PatialaBabes wishes you all the best for your boards, before you go on a preparatory leave for your fir

st exam! Thank you to everyone who wished me on whatsapp and DM, tho I couldn’t reply each and everyone, but Tysm guys, means alot And, all the best to everyone out there who are too, appearing for boards this year!”

Speaking about Patiala Babes, Ashnoor plays the lead role in the show. The show focuses on mother-daughter relationship.

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