Yet another move to kick Saanjh out of Arjun’s life??

Sony TV’s mystery thriller, ‘Beyhadh’ does not cease to showcase shocking moments time and again. If you thought Maya (Jennifer Winget) would be fazed by Samay’s (Piyush Sahdev) re-entry in her life, then you are truly mistaken.

After getting shocked for a few moments with Samay’s re-entry into her life, Maya’s vindictive mind is already at work. While the precap showcased how she insensitively tortures Samay as she carries him like rag dog in her car and even points a gun at his head. She will soon change her mind about Samay and infact have a master plan ready at bay.

What will happen is Maya will be surprised to witness Samay’s obsession towards her, as she feels that only she is capable of being ‘obsessive’ towards her love that is Arjun (Kushal Tandon.)

Maya will then find out that Samay is Saanjh’s (Aneri Vajani) boyfriend.

While one would think that Samay would blackmail Maya, it would infact be the other way round as Maya would use Samay to once again kick Saanjh out of Arjun’s life.


In the parallel world, Arjun’s reunion with his family has already been hinted, as Saanjh catches him at the ‘shaanti spot’ (the sacred spot where Arjun and Saanjh have spent great moments).

A few happy moments await Arjun which include Vandana’s acceptance and some emotional family time.

However, happiness is surely limited for Arjun as Maya is unaware about Arjun’s reunion and we can only wonder what’s in store next!

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