Another brilliant move by Maya, doing what she does best…

Sony TV’s ‘Beyhadh’ never ceases to enthrall its viewers with the eye-popping twists and turns it presents time and again. And especially, the post leap phase of the show has turned out to be meaner, grittier and mysterious than ever.

As the viewers already know, Arjun (Kushal Tandon) despises Maya (Jennifer Winget) and doesn’t want to live with her anymore. Maya played a masterstroke by announcing in the media that she is pregnant which of course, forced Arjun to be with Maya.

However, the result seems to be losing its importance as Arjun is adamant on leaving Maya. But, Maya, being the scheming mastermind she is, will come up with another sure-shot plan to keep Arjun with her.

In one of the most unanticipated and shocking occurrences, Maya will go to Vandana for help and support.

Yes! That’s right.

Now that Saanjh (Aneri Vajani) has re-entered Arjun’s life, Maya will use that as a tool to go and meet Vandana. She will, in fact, seek forgiveness from Vandana for all that she did in the past.

Thanks to the media leak of Arjun and Maya’s turbulent relationship, Vandana will feel that Arjun is a very bad husband. And rubbing salt on the wound will be Maya who will portray herself to be a victim to win over Vandana’s empathy.

Maya knows that Arjun regrets breaking all bonds with his family and hence pulling Vandana by her side is Maya’s strategy to keep Arjun in her life.

Boom! Now, that’s bull’s eye, isn’ it?

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