Swaragini — Jodein Rishton Ke Sur (English: Swaragini — Joins the Melody of Relationships) commonly abbreviated as Swaragini is an Indian television series, which premiered on 2 March 2015 and airs Monday to Friday on Colors TV. Later it started on Rishtey from 14 December 2015 and airs Monday to Sunday. It is also dubbed in Arabic and aired on MBC Bollywood under the name ومن الحب ما قتل (Translation: And There is Murderous Love)

This Serial has been Dubbed in Tamil on Raj TV as Ganga Yamunaa and premiered on 6 June 2016 replacing the longest running Tamil Serial Sindhu Bhairavi on 7pm Prime Time Slot.

Swaragini is based on the sweet and bitter relationship between two half-sisters, Swara and Ragini. Helly Shah, Varun Kapoor, Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar and Namish Taneja play the lead roles of Swara, Sanskaar, Ragini and Lakshya respectively.

Swara (Helly Shah) and Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) are half-sisters. Swara hails from a Bengali family and Ragini belongs to a Marwari family. Both families are neighbours, but they do not get along. Especially Swara and Ragini’s grandmothers Shobha and Parvati (Alka Kaushal) hate each other. Ragini’s father Shekhar (Sachin Tyagi) and Swara’s mother Sharmishtha (Parineeta Borthakur) were lovers in the past and Swara is Shekhar’s daughter. Swara comes to know this truth, so she and Ragini join together to reunite their parents. Ragini’s mother Janki died in Ragini’s childhood. They both get their parents married.

Lakshya Maheshwari (Namish Taneja) enters their lives. Ragini and Lakshya’s engagement happens.Ragini starts loving Lakshya. Lakshya didn’t wanted to get married to Ragini so Ragini calls off their marriage.Lakshya helps them to reunite their parents.While helping them Lakshya falls in love with Swara while Swara doesn’t reciprocates his feelings. Everybody comes to know about this. Ragini and Swara’s alluring relationship is ruined because Ragini’s love for Lakshya turns into an obsession. Swara also starts loving Lakshya. Ragini starts hating Swara and faking that she loves her. Swara and Lakshya get engaged after a few conflicts. There entres Sanskaar Maheshwari (Varun Kapoor), Lakshya’s cousin brother who pretends to be mentally ill to get revenge from Lakshya’s father Durga Prasad and Lakshya as he blames Durga Prasad and Lakshya’s for his girlfriend Kavita’s (Nikita Sharma) death. Ragini comes to know about Sanskaar’s truth and starts helping him. Shobha comes to know about Ragini and Sanskaar’s truth but she meets with accident and goes to coma. They give drugs to Swara and to make family believe that Swara takes drugs.

Swara comes to know about Sanskaar’s truth and clears his misunderstanding and makes him realise his mistake. Ragini tricks Lakshya and marries him by making Lakshya believe that Swara betrayed him. Before that Sanskaar apologizes to everyone and his misunderstanding is cleared. Shobha returns from coma and reveals Ragini’s truth to everybody but nobody believes her. Sharmishtha and Shekhar are separated because Sharmishtha believes Swara and Shekhar trusts Ragini.

Swara and Sanskaar fake marriage to reveal Ragini’s truth to everyone and reunite Sharmishtha and Shekar. Sanskaar falls in love with Swara but doesn’t expect Swara to reciprocate his feelings. Swara and Sanskaar get married for real because of Ragini. Lakshya comes to know about Ragini’s truth. Sharmishtha and Shekhar reunite. Ragini leaves the Maheshwari house. Sanskaar wants a relationship with Swara but Swara wants a divorce. Lakshya wants to start a relationship with Swara again but Swara refuses to do so. Ragini pretends to memory loss so she returns to Maheshwari house to prove Swara wrong. Swara also returns to Maheshwari house. Lashya wants relationship with Swara but she tells him that she is moved on in her life.

Ragini manipulates Sanskaar’s mother Sujata and Lakshya’s mother Annapurna against Swara and proves that Swara is double dating Lakshya and Sanskaar. Ragini’s truth is out and Swara gets angry on Ragini. Later Lakshya tricks Ragini into signing divorce papers. Swara starts loving Sanskaar. Kavita returns in Sanskaar’s life after being in coma for two years. Swara records her feelings for Sanskaar in a tape recorder and tells him to listen to it. Sanskaar listens to Swara’s feelings and becomes emotional and he takes her on romantic helicopter ride. Kavita emotionally blackmails Sanskaar and gets engages to him. Kavita comes to know that Swara and Sanskaar love each other and calls off her engagement with Sanskaar and starts planning and plotting against Swara with help of Janki’s sister Urvashi. Urvashi hates Sharmishtha because she thinks that Sharmishtha is behind her sister’s death. Kavita and Urvashi’s plan failed. Swara and Ragini reunite because Ragini thinks that Lakshya loves her while he is faking that he loves her. Swara and Sanskaar get married. But Lakshya gets married to Kavya betraying Ragini. Kavya is evil but soon gets exposed and gets arrested by the police. Later Lakshya realises his mistake and falls in love with Ragini. Ragini and Lakshya get remarried and consummate their marriage. Swara and Sanskaar consummate their marriage as well.

Lakshya and Sanskaar’s brother Adarsh’s wife Parineeta gets jealous of Ragini and Swara because of limelight they are getting into. Parineeta starts kitchen politics. Lashya, Sanskaar, Sanskaar’s sister Uttara falls in love with Rajat. Rajat only wants to get married to Uttara only for her wealth. Swara comes to know about Rajat’s truth. Swara tells Ragini, Lakshya, and Sanskaar about Rajat. Uttara and Rajat’s marriage is called off. Later Rajat kidnaps Swara and Sanskaar leaves after them. After Sanskaar reaches them, Swara is in Rajat’s hands and she asks him to shoot him. Sanskaar shoots Rajat’s and Rajat falls off the cliff pulling Swara with him.

Swara is saved by rockstar Sahil Sengupta (Anuj Sachdeva). Swara is saved and regains consciousness but she loses her memory. Swara returns to her parents’ house with Sahil. She only remembers Ragini, Shobha and Sharmishtha. She doesn’t remember Sanksaar. Sahil falls in love with Swara and he comes to know that Swara has married Sanskaar. Sahil tells Sanskaar that he will reunite them. But he only wants Swara’s love. He is making a bad picture of Sanskaar in front of Swara. Later Swara gets her memory back. Sahil kidnaps Swara and wants to marry her. Sahil’s plan failed. Sahil’s mother Maya helps Swara, Ragini, Lakshya, and Sanskaar. He gets arrested and goes away from Swara and Sanskaar’s life.

Sharmishtha is pregnant but Parvati is against her pregnancy. The Maheshwari family is also against her pregnancy. Ragini fakes that she is pregnant so that Ragini and Lakshya can adopt her baby. Ragini wants to tell Swara about her fake pregnancy but fails. Because of Parineeta, Ragini’s fake pregnancy is out in front of family. Swara and Sanskaar support her but the Maheshwari family is upset and angry with Ragini. After some trials the family forgives her. And they live as they did before. Sharmishtha falls down in her house and is admitted to the hospital. The doctor tells the family that Sharmishtha has had a miscarriage. But actually, Parvati had given money to a nurse to lie to them. Parvati had given Sharmishtha’s baby to a beggar. Parineeta starts blackmailing Ragini. Parineeta is missing and her mother Sulekha comes to the Maheshwari house to find her. She requests Swara to help her in finding Parineeta. But Ragini, Annapurna and Sujata stop her. Swara comes to know that Sharmishtha’s baby is alive and finds out about Parvati’s plan. Swara and Sanskaar go to an orphanage to inquire about Sharmishtha’s baby and comes to know that the baby has been adopted. Ragini already knows that Sharmishtha’s baby is alive.

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