Yoga is not just popular in India but throughout the world. The benefits of yoga are immense, but most importantly it is known for improving one’s concentration. If you want to hone your yoga postures but are still lacking the motivation, you must check out popular television actress Tinaa Dattaa’s latest Instagram post. The lady is nailing it in the pictures.

In her latest Instagram pictures, Tinaa can be seen doing a Yoga asana. She worked hard with full focus to perfect this difficult Yoga posture. In her caption, she mentioned how she learnt this posture from her teacher. Her dedication will certainly motivate you.

She wrote beside the pictures, “Performing an arm balance takes 100% of your focus, and 100% of your strength. I learned this posture from my teacher, Brent Goble, after 3 days. The posture is only the final product of a hard learning curve, but the real nectar came from the journey. So much I learned about how my body works and what it’s capable of if I just follow the steps, breathe, and push myself beyond my comfort zone. Kagasana – “Crow” pose – the first of many many more to come.”

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