Recent reports suggest that Aarti Harishchandra Mittal, who was seen in shows like Apnapan, has been accused of running a prostitution racket after the Mumbai police caught her red-handed in an operation. According to these reports, the police officials confronted her by posing as customers and has registered a case against her after gathering evidence by recording the events that unfolded. Two more models were caught in the racket, who is reportedly said to have been coaxed by Aarti Mittal in the name of money, and they have been sent to the rehab centre.

As per reports in Mid-day, the investigation was conducted by the Social Services Branch. An Inspector named Manoj Sutar was informed about the prostitution racket and he decided to pose as a customer in front of Aarti Mittal. He contacted the 27-year-old actress-casting director in a bid to get ‘two girls for his friends’. Mittal, who lives in Oshiwara, Mumbai, responded to his message by asking them to meet them at hotels in Goregaon and Juhu. The actress also demanded him a whopping amount of Rs. 60,000 besides asking Sutar to book hotels.

The report further stated about catching Mittal in the act red-handed. According to these reports, Aarti Mittal handed a couple of condoms to the ‘customers’ before asking them to go into the rooms and the police has captured the entire happenings on video as evidence in the case. After investigating further about the models who were asked to come to the hotel, the reports claim that the models were to receive Rs. 15,000 each for their work as promised by Mittal.

As of now, the case has been registered against Aarti Mittal under Section 370 and other relevant sections of trafficking and prostitution under the Indian Penal Code.

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