Anupamaa is the most adored show on television right now with TRPs nothing less than 4 on weekly basis. Its gripping storyline and mind-blasting twists keep the audience glued to their screens. Fans and viewers have connected to Anupamaa so deeply that they couldn’t afford to miss even a single episode of the show.

Mukku aka Aneri Vajani took to her Instagram to share two kinds of morning people with Rupali Ganguly, well we love both the lazy one as well as the early riser, who is your favourite from the two?

Currently, in the show, Anupamaa then calls up Pakhi and apologises to her for not being there. The family realises that Anupamaa was in a big problem that’s why she couldn’t come. Just then Kavya asks her why Vanraj is still there. Bapuji asks her to keep quiet. Later, Vanraj comes home and finds a voice message from Kavya which said that she is leaving home for some time to clear her thoughts. Vanraj informs Baa and Bapuji about it, but they tell him that they are already aware of it.

Anupamaa has arranged a surprise for Malvika and the Shahs have also joined in. They cheer Malvika by dancing to “Chak de saare gham”. Later, Vanraj tells them that he has to go to work to meet an investor, Anuj goes with him which Vanraj doesn’t like.

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