MUMBAI: Casting Director Taranvir Singh, who has been associated with popular TV shows like ‘Nima Denzongpa’, ‘Spy Bahu’ and others calls actors’ remarks baseless about losing work for not trending on social media. He says: “I heard actors claiming that casting requires a trending profile on social media which is baseless and not true at all when it comes to TV. In some music videos people prefer more following. Every medium has its own demand. TV and films don’t need someone to be hit on Instagram.”

“To be honest a lot of money and time is spent in making a show. So, one needs to be a decent actor first. No producer can risk their product just for the sake of an influencer who cannot act. Yes if someone is fitting in the look, and who can act as well then it’s a different ball game.”

Singh adds how he gave break to the ‘Nima Denzongpa’ lead actress Surabhi Das, who is from Assam through audition and not by finding her profile on social media.

“I met her in her hometown when we were doing auditions for the show and needed a North-East face. She came for the audition and her selection happened. She was not a social media star at that time but after the show she became popular.”

Often many say that the leads are finalised by the producers and channels and he replies: “Casting director only cares for character and other requirements. It’s total teamwork. Only those who fit in perfectly look wise, acting wise and budget wise are finalised. Producers, channel team , creative team do suggest people who according to them fit in and the casting directors test actors whom they think fits in perfectly.”

“At the end, all options are scrutinised . And then a decision is made. These days many fresh faces are getting chances. And mostly casting directors are the ones who scout them. Be it a lead or other primary characters.

Ask him about his equation with the actors he casted and now have become well-known names of the industry and he shares: “Though I keep my personal and professional life separate. I still manage to have an amazing bond with the people I have casted and who are doing good today.”

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