MUMBAI: The finale of the show is just three days away and the top five finalists of the show are giving their best shot as everyone wants to lift the trophy.

In yesterday’s episode, a journalist entered the house and grilled the contestants where they were questioned about their gameplay.

Most of the questions were thrown at Shiv and Priyanka as the two still hold a strong position in the game.

The one thing that the audience noticed was that Priyanka and Shiv were together there were seen having fun and having some serious discussion during the media interaction.

This has grabbed the eyeballs as in the entire season since day one Shiv and Priynaka never got along with each other and they were always at loggerheads.

But this was a rare sight to see both of them having a good conversation and not fighting.

Since there are hardly any days left for the finale of the show and finally, this season would get its winner.

Shiv and Priyanka aren’t friends because of their strong-headed nature and how they take a stand for wrong things and that is why they never got along, though the audiences would have loved to see them play the game together.

Well, these days also one can see they are been cordial with each other and are talking to each other and the fans are loving it.

Undoubtedly, one of them might lift the trophy though anything can happen at the last minute.

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