MUMBAI : Sandiip Sikcand brings a new show for Star Bharat titled Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai, the concept and storyline are extremely intriguing to see a single mother and a little one’s story that crosses paths with a movie star.
Well, the show stars Sayli Salunkhe and Karan V Grover as leads, as we know Karan is a superstar in the show and Sayli has adopted Zoon, while Zoon wants to have Ritesh as her father and she shall become the thread between the two and turn cupid for their relationship.

Apart from Ritesh and Indu, there is yet another love story that is blooming, we got in touch with the adorable Riya Soni, to know about her Style files, favourite attire and more. Check out what she had to reveal:

How similar is Riya to her characters?

I am a very bubbly and jolly person in real life, I do get that kind of character only. In Wagle Ki Duniya, I am more like Poo and here also I am quite an extrovert. In reality, I have a different personality with different people as I might be the talkative one with the ones I am comfortable with but if the person is not that familiar then I would surely come across as an introvert to them.

What is your comfort wear? Anything that you love to wear but can’t everywhere?

I really love wearing classy formal attires, and at home, I would roam around wearing loose pyjamas and tops. If I had an option to go out in the same then I would surely do. I feel like wearing classy formals everywhere but I can’t as they wouldn’t suit the occasion, but yes, I never miss out on a chance of wearing it whenever I have meetings or formal events. Apart from that, I love sarees, but I don’t know how to wear them so I barely do.

What are your skincare and makeup routines?

I don’t like make-up at all, as my skin is very sensitive and acne prone. I use only the products that are doctor recommended for the make-up onscreen. About the skincare, I use the doctor-recommended moisturizer and sunscreen, and aloe vera gel for sure.

Do you experiment with your hair, any colour you would love to do?

I don’t experiment with my hair, I love them the way they are, the max I would do is to curl them, apart from that I keep giving different highlights to it. I like light brown and caramel colour so I keep going back to that shade.

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