MUMBAI : Business-mortgage is back with another BTS update from the show. Megha Chakraborty and Seerat kapoor aka Imlie and Chini respectively, are being loved by the audience for their performances on the show. Karan Vohra does a great job playing Atharva. Recently, Atharva and Imlie got married and Imlie wants to get to know Atharva.

Imlie is doing well on the TRP charts and stands third on ratings. The audience seems to be loving the new star cast and fresh plot of the show. And not just that, we know how much our viewers enjoy watching some off-camera banter that goes on, on the sets of the show.

It is always fun to know what happens off camera on our favorite shows and gathering little tidbits from the lives of our favorite stars.

Recently, we came across a post shared by Jitendra Bohara and he has captured his co-stars and put a common filter on their faces.

He captures Hetal Yadav, Hemant Thatte, among others on the sets of Imlie as they await their shot and we are so happy to know that these actors share such cordial bonds off-camera too!

Well, while the filter is pretty scary, we know that it is not going to be one of the favorite filters of anyone but it was definitely fun to watch!

Don’t you agree?

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Meanwhile on Imlie, Currently, Kiya and Akash assume that Atharva and Imlie will never be able to bring Devika home and will lose Rudra’s trust. While they celebrate the victory thinking now Rudra will abandon Imlie, their evil plan doesn’t succeed because Imlie and Atharva bring Devika home.

Imlie receives Akash’s phone call, where the goon demands ransom for creating a mess in the concert. Thus, the huge secret of Akash and Kiya finally get exposed to Imlie.

Moving on, Imlie confronts both of them and give them an open warning.

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