MUMBAI : Our television screens are currently being ruled by Anupamaa. The programme is performing remarkably well and currently has the highest weekly BARC ratings.

The show’s current plot is particularly interesting because it focuses on Anupama and Anuj’s post-marriage lives. With the marriage of Adhik and Pakhi and how the family is adjusting to the significant shift, the entire narrative takes a significant turn.

The show has always managed to maintain the topmost position and keep the audience hooked with its story line. The performance of every character has been praised immensely and the chemistry between MaAn aka Anupama and Anuj is highly loved.

The audience loves Anuj and Anupama together and they even keep trending online from time to time. The fans find them cute and adorable. They love how they respect and complement each other.  

According to the latest plot, At little Anu’s annual function, Anupamaa and her are all set to have a special performance. Anuj is expecting that Anupamaa will have a fantastic performance to prove her love to little Anu.

Things go downhill when Anupamaa does not reach the stage on time and Anuj is highly disappointed and angry. Anuj thus turns into a guitarist at the last moment to save the day and make little Anu happy.

The fans have gone crazy over this scene and are praising Anuj a lot. They feel that Anuj is being taken for granted by Anupama and he is very patient. The fans are also feeling bad for little Anu as she was left behind because of Anupama and she giving more importance to other things over her. The audience is mad about Anupama always putting Anuj and little Anu after other things on her priority list.

The fans have been trending Anuj online for the scene and appreciating Anuj a lot for being so patient. They even loved his performance in the scene be it his anger or hurt.

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