MUMBAI:   Disha Parmar stars as Priya Sood in the second season of the popular Ekta Kapoor show Bade Acche Lagte Hai.

Bade Acche Lagte Hai is an iconic show in the book of Indian Television. But what makes the show so iconic? Well, the grandeur, the characters are both relatable and unrelatable but aspirational. But most importantly, the story of unconventional in its own nature but the subtle love story of two very different individuals who are poles apart but the only commonality they share is their selfless love for others. 

Ram aka Nakul Mehta and Priya Aka Disha Parmar’s chemistry is one of the major reasons why the show is such a hit.

Disha and Nakul who made their television debut together in Pyaar Ka Dard Hai Meeth Meetha Pyara Pyara have made a special place in the hearts of their fans with their chemistry.

The show has successfully completed 300 episodes and the cast is ecstatic. Over the course, there were many rumors that the show was shutting down or moving to OTT. The stars have many times refrained from commenting but Disha Parmar who plays the role of Priya on the show isn’t holding back anymore.

Disha took to Instagram to thank the fans for all the love and support and also took a jab at the trolls. She further wrote ‘No , the show isn’t shutting and we are not taking another leap but there are some crazy things that will happen on the show”.

Meanwhile on the show, we see that Ram has learnt the truth about Ishaan and is determined to set everything right. He decides to know the reason why Priya did what she did.

He will soon find out how Nandini blackmailed Priya and how Shubham and Nandini don’t wish him well and have used him over the years.

Will Ram finally fight for all the injustice that has happened with Priya and Pihu?

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