MUMBAI: Business Mortgage is back with yet another update from the Telly world. Anupamaa has been the most adored show on television; its gripping storyline and contemporary topics educate the audiences about different issues overall from domestic violence to live-in relationships to family issues.

In this video, we see that Mukku aka Aneri Vajani is busy with something and she suddenly notices that someone is shooting her and realizes that it’s none other than Paras Kanlawat. Take a look at her hilarious reaction which will definitely crack you up.

Fans can’t keep calm with their off-camera bond and are very much excited about the upcoming episode now that things are getting better for Maan.

Anuj gets panicked about his wedding with Anupamaa he tells GK that he is afraid that something wrong will happen and this time he doesn’t want to lose Anupama. Gk consoles him and tells him to be positive and that nothing wrong will happen as his and Anupama’s love is unconditional and he is only overthinking because of Baa’s curse.

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