MUMBAI: Anupama Solanki
I always wait a lot for Diwali because there is so much positivity during Diwali, especially in North India. When I used to go to my hometown Chandigarh, I cannot describe in words the joy I would get from being with my family. That feeling is out of the world but due to a tight schedule, I did not go home this year. I was sad but my priority is work and then everything else. Diwali seemed so bright and positive but the next day doesn’t feel good at all. The lights were lit in everyone’s house, Diwali decoration was done, and the next day nothing was seen. Initially, everyone prepares for Diwali and after Diwali, everything goes back to routine and, honestly, I don’t like that but what we can do,  this is part of life.

Arun Mandola
Diwali is my all-time favourite festival because I miss my childhood days. There are lots of reasons why I wait the entire year for Diwali. Diwali comes in October most of the time, and that is also my birthday month. Apart from this, I don’t like very hot or very cold weather and near Diwali, the weather is amazing. It’s slightly pleasant weather. Every year, I fall in love in October because this is a hangover month for me and, honestly speaking, sometimes I feel I don’t come out from this hangover. Actually it’s not a festival hangover, it’s a refreshing month for me and I take time to come into my daily life routine. I am a person who wants to enjoy every moment so how can I not enjoy my hangover festival!

Mitaali Nag
Diwali is also one of the festivals where people socialise a lot. We visit my husband’s friends for card parties and dinner and also host them. And this starts from two days before Diwali. Lighting up your house, eating all sorts of delicacies, meeting friends back to back every day, it’s all amazing. Even if we get back to our normal lives physically, mentally we are still in the festive mood. Food-wise it’s easier after Diwali as I start with detox and gradually get back to healthy eating or the diet I am following. And to fill up the void of socialising, I always speak to friends and discuss the time we spent with them and plan for the next get together! 

Nikhil Nanda
In many states of our country, from the next day new year is celebrated. Especially in Gujarat. Deepawali has a lot of  significance for many people. Diwali is the time when we all meet our relatives and connect with them. Diwali is the time when we forget our busy schedule and meet our relatives and friends. We get to eat a lot of sweets during Diwali. You end up eating more. And you need to work harder to get in shape. Whenever there is any festivity, it comes with a hangover. It especially happens on Diwali. As soon as Diwali gets over, everyone gets back to their routine and the hangover stays.

Neelu Kohli 
During festivals you go on with eating a lot, enjoying celebrations but one has to come back to one’s daily routine. And the worst part is that there is a hangover from the festivities. But generally, I have been shooting every year, be it post Diwali or pre-Diwali. After a long time, this year, I was free during the Diwali season and so I’m kind of soaking everything in and having a good time.

Rohit Choudhary 
Diwali is a package festival which starts on Dhanteras and ends with Bhai Dooj. Each and every day is celebrated with love, happiness and joy. Even if people stay away from home, they like to celebrate this festival with their family members at home. When you are together with your family for five days, obviously, it’s not easy to go back to your daily routine. You feel emotionally connected with your family and going back to your normal routine gets difficult. I believe every person should be emotionally and mentally strong. It’s more of a family hangover rather than a festive hangover. Festival is the reason we are together.

Nivedita Basu
Diwali has now lost its charm, especially what it was when we were kids. Now Diwali is all about the parties. Not just in the paparazzi (fancy world) but also in the common world. Even when I go to Delhi or a small town for Diwali it’s all about that. As kids we were not exposed to all this.

Hiten Paintal
Diwali is one of the most awaited festivals in the entire year. Luckily for me I get back to my routine very quickly because the days we don’t have any parties or celebrations I make sure that I workout. I play badminton or workout. At the same time I try to control my diet. I love eating food but I don’t eat a lot. I know my limits. 

Subuhii Joshi
It is not tough to get back to the routine but it is sad. As an actor you have to be very conscious about what you are eating, your workout and schedule. During Diwali I usually forget my diet and food regime. I break some rules for myself. Then it is sad to go back to my normal routine. I make sure to continue my diet after Diwali. It takes a couple of days but I do get back to my routine. I do fast for a day on a liquid diet only. I do feel festival hangover. Diwali comes around my birthday. Then life is like that only that you have to get back to the routine, because work is also important.

Charrul Malik
I call Diwali as Dil-Wali. Dil wali Diwali is the most awaited festival. It is tough to go back to my original routine because we usually gain a lot of weight. Post Diwali the first thing I do is cut down sweets.  Pre diwali the shopping time was quite a lot. I enjoyed that time. The most difficult thing for me is to lose weight. So after Diwali I start making resolutions for the New Year and try to get back to my original routine.

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