MUMBAI: From Comedy Circus to The Kapil Sharma Show, actress Archana Puran Singh’s uncontrollable laughter often leaves everyone in splits and her comic roles have also been appreciated. However, Archana feels deprived and cheated as an actor after being stereotyped in comedy. She is yearning to perform serious roles and wants to start asking for work like veteran actress Neena Gupta.

“That chhaap (image) is so solid. Also, a lot of people feel that what should they offer me after Ms. Briganza. It’s been almost 25 years since Kuch Kuch Hota Hai was released. And the character is still following me. People also feel that I am best suited only for comedy. As an actor, I feel deprived, cheated and I have been left yearning for good roles,” Archana was quoted saying.

She added that she wants to do meaningful roles and she is dying to perform. She said that people have only seen one aspect about her acting but she said that she can cry and also make people weep with her performance. She manifested that someday there will come a time when she will explore this particular side of hers.

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