When was the last time you did something for the first time? This is what exactly crossed my mind when I was approached for MTV Nishedh Alone Together. In this overwhelming year replete with adversity, it wasn’t an easy decision to shoot at home amidst a pandemic. But at the same time, 2020 also made us all realize the importance of relationships, of togetherness and I felt it was important for me to convey my takeaways to my audience. So, here I am making my debut in this week’s episode of the show and sprucing up the conversations further.

Continuing our story, I make an appearance on Radio Zing where Megha and I will discuss the flow before we go on-air. For the first time ever, the audience will get a glimpse into my personal life as I delve into my take on long distance relationships and the challenges, we are all facing in this pandemic situation. Are we up for some confessions too? Well, you need to watch the episode to find that out!

In what I feel is one of most significant moments in the show , Megha will inform Vicky of his exit in this episode which reflects the bleak reality of millions struggling professionally, this year. What also comes as a shocker is Laxmi’s diagnosis of TB. Having said that, I’m amazed by her confidence and willpower to fight this menace. Guess that’s how you feel when you have a true friend like Megha by your side, through thick and thin. Honestly, I am awed by their bond.

Lastly, I must really talk about one of the instances that mirrors a generic perception around gender inequality. Laxmi’s client saying, “You won’t understand as you’re a woman”, is reflective of the larger mindset around women and her capabilities that continues to rest within our society. I’m eager to see how these young girls in the show take it on and challenge conventions. Are you too?

The next episode will reveal more details on the Radio show and the live chat with Megha, Laxmi and myself. Tune in to MTV Nishedh Alone Together, this Friday at 5 PM only on social media pages of MTV India and MTV Nishedh.

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