MUMBAI :  The Colors show Udaariyaan has gone on to become one of the biggest shows on the channel. Catapulting the careers of the stars Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary, Ankit Gupta, and Isha Malviya, and making them household names.

After a 16-year leap, the show now focuses on the story of Nehmat, Ekam, Naaz, and Advait, with Isha Malviya reprising the role of Jasmine, and also now playing a double role. The new generation has been loved and accepted by the audience in the same way as the original cast was.

Sargun Mehta and Ravie Dubey’s Dreamiyata productions are currently producing Udaariyaan, which is one of the biggest shows on Colors, and the cast of the show shares a great bond with them.

Isha Malviya plays the role of Jasmine on the show, and now, the role of Harleen is loved by the fans and is showered with praises all the time.

But she recently received a compliment from a very special person, and this person is none other than Sargun Mehta.

Sargun took to Instagram to reshare a fan edit. In that fan edit, the fan called Isha a wonder girl, and it looks like Sargun agrees. Check out the photo here:

Previously on the show, Advait gets into major trouble, and so he takes Jasmine’s help to prove that he was living in Canada. So Jasmine obliges by giving him Canadian citizenship, however in return, she also gets his signature on some confession papers that Harleen is his legal wife.

Now armed with Advait and Harleen’s original marriage certificate in hand, Jasmine calls Harleen to India to create a volcano of problems in Advait’s marital life, as well as to control the Kapoors.

Jasmine now instructs Harleen to hand the marriage certificate to Nehmat, because she will not spare Advait when she finds out the truth about his previous marriage.

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