MUMBAI: Sasural Simar Ka 2 is a much-loved show. The upcoming episodes will definitely unfold some interesting twists and turns. It is one of Colors TV’s much loved dramas.

Recently we saw that Aarav and Simar go on a trip with the Oswal Family. The Oswal family faces a strong storm and suddenly, Dhami shoots at Aarav. Dhami is so obsessed with him that she would want to take him away.

Since Samar has realized his mistake, he runs with Simar to save Aarav who falls off a cliff.

This interesting twist doesn’t seem to finish here and intensifies when Dhami fires again and as soon as Samar sees this, he pushes Aarav and forces himself between him and the bullet, taking the shot himself.

It will be intriguing to know what happens in the aftermath of all this and how Simar will save the day.

Will Samar die?

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