MUMBAI : Udaariyaan is a television drama series that airs on Colors TV. The show recently went through a generational leap and the audience is enthralled by the new cast’s superb performance. With each new episode, the show becomes more intense. Twinkle Arora, Hitesh Bharadwaj and Sonakshi Batra are doing a tremendous job as Nehmat, Ekam and Naaz respectively.

Previously, Nehmat comes to the Kapoor mansion with a big rope. As she uses it to climb the wall, Nikhil helps her. Later, Nehmat gets into the basement and looks for proof. As a flower pot falls in the basement while checking, Advait hears the sound and comes to check.

Interestingly, while Nehmat hears Advait’s footsteps, Ekam appears, who hides with Nehmat. When Advait comes in and sees the flower pot broken, he thinks that it must be a rat.

Now, Hitesh Bharadwaj has shared a behind-the-scenes video on his social media handle, where we can see a sneak peek of the upcoming episode.

According to the sneak peek, the storyline is going to get more serious as there’s soon going to be a major accident.

Are you excited to watch how the upcoming story turns?

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