MUMBAI: Rakhi Sawant is one of the most popular names in the world of entertainment. Recently, she grabbed the headlines for her stint in the Bigg Boss house, where she won the hearts of the audiences.

The actress had once said that she has been stressed about her mom’s illness, and for years, she has been facing financial problems. She entered BB15 as a wild card and became a finalist of the show. But just a few days before the finale, she was eliminated, which upset her a lot. She had grabbed the headlines on the show as she finally revealed the face of her husband Ritiesh, and fans were excited to see them both in the reality show.

But many of them also said that they were a planned couple and their marriage was fake.

Recently, she did announce her divorce from Ritiesh and said that he left her because of some legal issues with his first wife.

Now, she revealed that her ex-husband Ritesh has got the offer to participate as a contestant in Lock Upp.

Talking to paps, Rakhi said, “Mujhe offer nahi aaya…nahi offer aaya hai kahin pe, par meri baat shayad hui nahi hai unse. My husband Ritesh has got the offer…ex husband. Unko offer aaya hai…I don’t know woh jayenge nahi jayenge, mujhe nahi pata hai (I have not got the offer, actually I had but I haven’t been able to connect with him yet. My ex-husband has got the offer…I don’t know if he will got or not).”

However, she said that she would consider going to the show only if Ekta asks her to and not didi (Kangana). She said, “Ekta ke liye toh shayad mein jaon bhi lekin didi ke liye na jaon mein.”

While she may not have made up her mind to do Lock Upp yet, she shared how she did get in touch with Salman Khan’s manager for the Dabang tour. She said she’d rock the stage with bhai and would do it for free since he took financial care of her mother’s operation.

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