Last week Gayatri Devi gets exposed infront of the family members. Rajveer gets shocked to know about her mother behind all the attacks on Nandini and him. Gayatri Devi confesses to her crime. Dadi gets angry and slaps her. Everyone decide to leave the house. Gayatri Devi cries. She gets Abhay’s call. Nandini picks it and tells him about the attacks on her. Abhay thinks she didn’t do the right thing. Everyone leave from the house, Nandini tries to stop them, but fails. Nandini also leaves with Rajveer. She feels bad for Gayatri Devi and thinks to do something to unite the family.

Abhay comes to Gayatri Devi and tells her that she deserves a slap for trying to kill Nandini. He leaves. Nandini thinks to get Sid married to Divya soon and talks to Rajveer about it. Gayatri Devi pretends to lose her mental balance. Doctor informs Nandini. Nandini asks Dadi to talk to her parents regarding Sid and Divya’s marriage. Dadi agrees. Rajveer’s family comes to Pandey house. They talk about their children alliance. Panditji take out the date and says auspicious day for marriage is after 2 days. Swaroop gets worried about the marriage preparations. Her husband thinks they will invite only close relatives.

Nandini suggests them to have the marriage in Raghuvanshi Mansion. She convinces everyone. They tell her that Gayatri Devi won’t attend the marriage. Everyone come to the house. They talk rudely with Gayatri Devi and asks her to stay away from Divya’s marriage. Nandini assures Gayatri Devi that she will do something. Nandini tries to convince Rajveer to forgive Gayatri Devi, but he refuses and says he can’t forget whatever she has done.

Rajveer asks Abhay to do the marriage preparations. Abhay says, he will manage with Nandini. Rajveer says, he will help him as Nandini has other things to do. Abhay gets annoyed with him. Next day, Abhay holds Nandini’s hand and asks her to look at the designs. Nandini feels strange. Rajveer comes and he leaves her hand. During Divya’s haldi ceremony, Nandini tells Divya to take all the elders blessings. Divya allows Gayatri Devi to put haldi on her. Everyone is angry.

Nandini behaves nicely with Gayatri Devi. Everyone dance during mehendi celebrations. Divya gets married to Sid. Gayatri Devi watches the wedding from far. Abhay keeps on staring at Nandini and imagines their marriage. The newly weds take the elders’ blessings and leaves. Rajveer says, we shall leave now.

Abhay shows her true colors and changes Nandini’s sim card. He calls her and tells her about loving her . He says he will marry her anyhow. Nandini gets shocked. Gayatri Devi take the call. Abhay tells how Gayatri Devi tried to kill her. Nandini tells everything to Rajveer. Rajveer calls the police and informs about the same. Rajveer asks Nandini to get the taxi while he gets the bags. Gayatri Devi begs him not to leave. When Nandini doesn’t return, Rajveer goes to look for her. He gets Nandini’s phone on the road. Abhay enters in the room with unconscious Nandini in his arms. He plans to marry her soon and ties her legs and hands. Rajveer comes back home and tells her that he found Nandini’s phone on the road. Rajveer calls the commissioner and tells him everything.

Nandini wakes up and wonders about the location. Abhay comes, Nandini asks him to untie her hands and legs. Abhay refuses and confesses to love her. Nandini gets shocked. He tells her that he will marry her today. Nandini tells him that she is married to Rajveer. Abhay says, he wants to free her from fake marriage. Nandini says, it is not fake marriage. Everyone suspect Gayatri Devi for Nandini’s kidnapping. Gayatri Devi says, she didn’t do anything.

Police comes home with the recording of the voice conversation. Gayatri Devi tells that it is Abhay. Rajveer says, he is not Abhay and they can’t trust Gayatri Devi. Inspector asks Gayatri Devi to call Abhay and get him busy so that they can trace his location. Gayatri Devi calls Abhay and talks to him. His location gets traced by the police. They leaves.

Abhay tries to forcefully marries Nandini.He threatens to kill himself if she doesn’t listen to him. He removes the mangalsutra which she is wearing and forcibly asks her to do the rounds with him. Gayatri Devi, Rajveer and the police come there and are shocked. They try to stop the wedding. Abhay fires a bullet at Rajveer. Keep reading to know how Rajveer stops the wedding.

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