In Tum Aise Hi Rehna, Rukmani and Dadisaa come to see Ria. They instantly like her and gets bowled by her religious values. Abhi gets happy. They praise Lata and her upbringing. Dadisaa says we will discuss with her sons and family and then will inform you. Abhi hugs Lata. Rukmani and Dadisaa come home and tell everything to Kailash and Sarthak. Dadisaa says they went to see the girl as told by Radhe Sham. Rukmani tells him that they like girl and her family, but there is one problem as her family wants her to work after marriage. Abhi opposes the condition. Kailash says why to stop our daughter in law from working when times are changing. If you likes the girl then it is fine. Rukmani says, what is the need for our daughter in laws’ to work as we have lots of money. We will think what to reply them.

Abhi gets Ria’s call. He says they didn’t decide anything now. He tells her that he kept chocolate for her. Sheetal and Abhi tell Sarthak that Abhi set this alliance for him with Radhe Sham’s help. Sarthak praises his mind. Rukmani asks Sheetal and Abhi to go to Ria’s house and see the girl. They reach Ria’s house and get a good welcome by Ria’s family. Rukmani calls Sheetal and informs her that they have decided to take the relation forward, but there is a condition that Ria won’t work after marriage, if they agree then we will fix their alliance. Sheetal gets tensed. She tells the same to Lata. Ria gets upset and goes to her house. She refuses to leave her career for marriage. She tells Sheetal that she can’t sacrifice her one happiness for another. Both of them are equally important for her.

Abhi tries to talk to her. Ria goes to the hospital. Abhi follows her. He asks her to take car on the side. He has an accident as his car rams into the tree because of the truck coming from the opposite side. Ria gets tensed and cries. Sheetal suggest to Ria’s parents to wait for one day before replying to Rukmani. They agrees. Ria wakes him up and gets first aid done. Abhi promises her that she will work after marriage. Abhi kisses her hand. They come to the coffee shop. Ria goes on the stage to speak her heart out. Ria confesses loving Abhi. Abhi gets impressed with her words. They dance romantically. Abhi and Ria comes home. Abhi tells Lata that he promised Ria that she will work after marriage. He promises to them too. He will make his mother understand. Ria says I totally agrees with Abhi.

Lata calls Rukmani and accepts the condition. Rukmani gets happy and informs her family that they are coming tomorrow and accepted our condition. Sheetal thinks how Ria have agreed. Rukmani asks her to do the arrangements. Dadisaa asks her to call the girl also. Rukmani says ok. Ria gets ready. Lata and Vishesh compliment her beauty. Abhi calls Ria and asks her to change her dress as his mum doesn’t like blue color. Ria goes to change her dress. Rukmani opens the door and greets Ria and her family. Rukmani does Ria’s aarti happily. Rukmani introduces her neighbours to Ria’s family. She gifts gold bangles to Radhe Sham’s wife. Rukmani praises Ria to be understanding. Vishesh and Lata feel guilty.

Ria sends a message to Abhi asking him to meet her. She goes on the pretext of washroom. Abhi comes there. Ria says I can’t bear this lie anymore. My Mummy and Papa had never lied before and today they are ashamed to lie. We will tell the truth to your mom today itself. Abhi refuses at first but later agrees. Abhi tells Rukmani that they want to talk to her alone. Rukmani asks what is the matter? Abhi hugs Rukmani. She asks what happened. Abhi says I don’t want to hurt you that is why I lied to you. He tells that they know each other from before and also love each other. Rukmani gets angry. Abhi says he don’t want to betray her trust. Ria says we don’t want to start our relation with a lie. Rukmani declares that this relation can’t happen now.

Abhi and Ria get shocked. Abhi says I did this only for your happiness. Rukmani says you have chosen her and went against my will. She asks do you want to marry her. Abhi nods in a yes. She asks him to go from her home. She keeps his hand on her head and gives promise not to show his face again. Abhi gets shocked. Rukmani asks Ria to go with her parents and take Abhi along with them as there is no one here for him. Ria looks shocked. Kailash apologize to the guest/ neighbours saying Rukmani’s health worsened suddenly and therefore they have postpone the function. Once they leave, Kailash tells Vishesh and Lata that he didn’t expect a lie from them. Vishesh and Lata feel guilty and sad. Ria comes and asks them to come with her. They come home.

Vishesh tells Lata that he is very happy today as Abhi accepted his love infront of his family. Mr. Maheshwari tells Rukmani that they have lost one son because of their rules and don’t want to lose another son. Rukmani refuses to accept them saying I won’t forgive him. Her health worsens. He calls Abhi. Abhi comes and recalls the promise given by her. Rukmani gets panicked and asks Abhi not to show his face again. Her Family reaches her room and takes her to hospital. Ria is worried about Abhi and thinks what he must be going through. Abhi calls her and asks if she knows any doc in SS Hospital. He informs her that Rukmani got a panic attack. She says she will be reaching there and says her boss’s friend is chairman of that hospital.

Doctor says Sarthak that he can only give emergency medicine and actual treatment will start in the morning. Chairman comes there and asks doc to take him to Rukmani’s room. Ria reaches hospital and asks if chairman came there. Abhi says yes. She tells hm that she came to free himself from her. He asks what? She says they shall part ways as their elders are opposing their marriage. He say he will not. She says our love is not more than our parent’s happiness. She asks him to promise not to separate a son from his mother. He sadly nods yes. He hugs her.They both start crying and part ways emotionally.

Rukmani is still unconscious on bed. Doctor declares her to be stable. Abhi enters there. Doctor asks if patient got a shock before. Kailash tells yes. Abhi says it will not happen again. Doctor asks family not to give her stress anymore and leaves. Kailash tells Abhi that he should not do anything that will harm his mother’s life. Rukmani gets fine in the morning and wakes up. Kailash tells Rukmani that Abhi was waiting outside her room whole night and wants to tell her something. Abhi comes in, and says he will not meet Ria from today and he broke off with Ria. He promises to obey her from now. Rukmani gets happy. He says he has decided not to marry anyone. Keep reading.

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