Pratap tells Chakrapani about Patta’s Jija to be Ajabde Bai ji lal and brings out his anger. Chakrapanu asks him to recall his love for Ajabde and Pratap says he is leaving Bijolia now. Pratap leaves on the horse and some people follow him. Patta comes to Ajabde and says do you know what happened. Ajabde says yes, Pratap left. He says it was not Pratap’s mistake, I provoked him to fight with soldiers and show his prowess. He says he was jealous as she made him minister, so he him show it to prove that he deserves the post and he is not one of Afghans. He says there was no blood drop, it was a fight presentation which I never witnessed before.

Pratap thinks he has to go away from Ajabde and he could not identity Ajabde, he could not keep promise to Jaivant Bai. Badshah Khan asks Parwat Das to sign him for war and he will attack Pratap. Dhaman says he has come to just give message, not harm them. Dhaman says he is Kunwar Pratap of Mewar. Ajabde is shocked. Patta argues with Dhaman and they get into a fight. Dhaman says he will go back with Pratap. Pratap says Ajabde has troubled my Rani Maa and she went to an ashram. Ajabde cries and her mum consoles her. She says Pratap came here in changed getup but he is gone. Patta kills the Afghan soldiers. Ajabde gets ready to fight with the enemies. Badshah Khan kills many people at the palace.

The fight goes on. Ajabde kills Afghans by arrows. Badshah Khan catches the arrow and smiles seeing her. He is impressed by Ajabde saying Pratap has married a brave fool like him. Pratap tells Meera Maa that promise keeping is first duty for a Rajput and he could not keep his promise given to his mum, he has failed. She says as you also gave promises to your wife in marriage. He recalls the marriage. Badshah Khan spots Ajabde’s Maa and Balwant and provokes him to come out in open and fight. He shows Ajabde to see her mum and brother caught by them. Ajabde is shocked. Badshah Khan asks her to surrender else he will have to kill her mum and brother. Ajabde walks to them. She asks him to leave her family as she is ready to surrender. Badshah Khan stabs Patta on his back. Ajabde is put in big cage and taken. Maa and Balwant are left. Patta opens eyes and sees Ajabde taken. Chetak breaks rope and runs out. Patta says Kunwar Pratap. Patta asks Chetak to take him to Kunwar Pratap as his breath is breaking. Pratap is stunned seeing Patta wounded.

Pratap asks him who did this. Patta says Afghans have attacked Bijolia and Badshah Khan has taken Jija. He asks her to save Bijolia’s respect. Pratap puts Patta on his back and asks him to run fast and take Patta to safe place. Pratap asks him to keep up his trust. Chetak runs. Pratap decides to see Afghans. Badshah Khan tells Ajabde that he wants Pratap. Ajabde says she has invited his death as he will kill him. Ajabde tells when Afghan has disrespect a Rajput woman and Pratap has cut his hand.

She tells about Pratap’s anger on Afghans before and reminds him about his father Shams Khan. Badshah Khan asks the soldiers to beat Ajabde. Ajabde asks him to think his last wish before his death. She says Pratap will win, he will not leave you. Ajabde’s cage is lifted in air. It starts falling and comes on ground. Badshah Khan says he heard about Bai ji lal’s bravery stories and she killed her soldiers. He says it is right time to cut her feathers. He asks how is she feeling in his cage. Badshah Khan tells that Afghan does not forget anyone and forgive them.

Parwat Das tells Bijolia people that no one can save Ajabde now. He says Chetak has taken wounded Patta and may be he has thrown him. Chetak brings Patta back. Badshah Khan makes a plan and explains his soldiers to dig a big hole in ground and cover it with weapons and leaves. Badshah Khan says he wants Pratap alive and if he is not trapped then he will attack Pratap. Ajabde recalls Pratap and their beautiful moments. She says if you could not save me in time, then don’t get sad. Pratap says he won’t let Ajabde die.Will Pratap be able to save Ajabde and defeat Badshah Khan? Keep reading.

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