In Hum Hain Na, Bunty saves Sagarika from accident. Everyone get shocked and take Sagarika to Bunty’s house. Chattopadhay gets worried seeing Sagarika unconscious. Bunty asks them not to panic. Once she gets conscious, Lakshmi gives clothes to her and asks her to change, Sagarika asks her about Bunty making her get angry on her. Lakshmi talks to her about boys and girls roaming together intimately shamelessly. Sagarika replies her that time has changed. They argue. Lakshmi gets irked and informs her that Bunty and Satya will be marrying soon. She asks Mishraji to fix Bunty and Satya’s marriage soon and and she has to get Bunty out of Bengalan’s trap.

Bunty thinks he will get a good bahu like Sagarika for his mom and decides to talk to Lakshmi about his choice. Bunty takes out family bangles from locker and goes to Sagarika’s room via window and calls her. She gets worried seeing him and shouts. Her dad comes hearing her shout. Sagarika tells him that nobody was there. Once he is gone, Bunty proposes Sagarika while bending down on his knees and shows the bangles. Sagarika refuses to marry him and tells him that Lakshmi already selected Satya for him. She asks if he will ignore his mom’s dreams and marry her. He promises her that he will convince his mom and gets married to her.

Bunty comes home and gets confronted by his mom. Lakshmi tells him that Sagarika is second Rani and reminds about his promise. Bunty says he will marry to whoever she shows, but he won’t be able to give the love she likes. Chattopadhay hears Phubali and Sagarika’s conversation about Bunty and tells them that he will talk to Mishraji about Sagarika’s alliance with Bunty. Sagarika tells him that Bunty’s mother likes Satya and it is of no use now. Lakshmi asks Ratna to prepare shagun thali as she is going to Satya’s house with Bunty’s alliance. Bunty thinks to talk to Sagarika and tells Lakshmi that he is going to break the promise. Mishraji asks Lakshmi why she is forcing her decision on Bunty. She says no. He says we had a love marriage, then why can’t Bunty. She calls Bunty as immature. Mishraji argues with her and tells her that no one will be happy. Bunty goes to Sagarika’s house and apologizes. Lakshmi reaches there with Shagun and asks for Sagarika’s hand for Bunty. They get happy.

Lakshmi tells that she wants marriage to happen in 48 hours as there is no other muhurat for 2 months. Chattopadhyay gets happy and requests that marriage should happen in bengali style. Mishraji agrees. Lakshmi apologizes to Satya and informs her about Sagarika and Bunty’s alliance. Satya is devastated and thinks she will not let Bunty and Sagarika be happy. Bunty gets ready for his marriage and gets on horse. Satya gets irked seeing the baraat. Lakshmi tells Dadi that she will stay at home as she has agreed for marriage on Bunty’s insistence and feels like giving her son instead of getting bahu.

Chattopadhya blesses Sagarika with tears in his eyes and goes to welcome the baraat. Sagarika looks at her mom’s pic and says she is missing her most today. Sagarika shares her pre marital fears with Phubali who tells her that Bunty is there for you. Rani gets tired seeing bengali’s weird customs and feels headache. Satya congratulates Bunty for his marriage with Sagarika. Chattopadhyay takes Bunty to the mantap. Bunty asks where is his amma. Ratna says she must be around. Marriage rituals start as Sagarika comes and sits next to Bunty. Satya gets sad. Chattopadhya ties the knot. Lakshmi thinks Bunty has forgotten about her. Bunty looks for Lakshmi and says until his mom comes, he will not complete pheras. Sagarika gets tensed. Satya says amma is at home. Dadi says she is waiting to receive new bahu.

Bunty removes his garland and walks out saying he will bring amma and then will marry. Bunty takes Lakshmi to marriage venue after much convincing. He asks Panditji to start pheras. Pandtiji says this marriage cannot happen as muhurat have passed. Bunty says if pandtiji does not start mantras then he will chant them and finish marriage. Bunty and Sagarika get married and takes elders’ blessings. Sagarika asks him if he would not have married her if amma would not have come. He tells that her that his happiness is important for his amma. Satya thinks to provoke Lakshmi against Sagarika. Keep reading.

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