Chahatt Khanna was in the news in 2018 when she got separated from her husband Farhan Mirza. The duo had tied the knot in 2013 and parted ways after 5 years. She filed for divorce in 2018 citing sexual and mental harassment. The couple is yet to be granted a divorce by the court.

Recently, her ex-husband claimed that she is having an affair with actor Ribbhu Mehra.

Refuting all claims, the actress in a statement said, ‘It’s not the first time that my ex husband Farhan has put me down in media. He is just in cashing on my name. He had asked out of court settlement stating that he is broke and he cannot afford his lawyer fees anymore. About Ribbhu and me, yes we are very good friends, that’s all about it.’

She also said that Farhan is a psychopath. She added, ‘It’s his habit to doubt me with everybody. Earlier I was to be scared but this time I admitted to whatever he asked because I wanted to end the conversation. He recorded my call and sent it to a media house. They, rather than confirming, added fuel to the fire and printed. That’s it! In fact he has also threatened me in one of his messages saying that if I ever get married in future he kill us both.’

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