Read on to know what exactly transpired on the flight.

Kapil Sharma, who was known for making the nation’s evenings cheerful, is now haunted by a trail of controversies.
With pivotal members backing off and Bollywood celebrities refusing to come on board for the show, Kapil is trying hard to save his sinking ship.

As reported, Kapil had an ugly spat with his teammates in a flight while traveling from Melbourne to Delhi on March 16.

Now adding to his woes is Air India!

A report has been sought by AI chief Ashwani Lohani and a warning (the exact nature of the warning is not yet finalised) to Kapil is likely to be issued this week.

Reportedly, Kapil was asked to behave himself by a flight crew as an old lady, who was the only passenger in the business class apart from the team members of the show was getting disturbed by his behaviour. At first, Kapil did abide by the crew and got back on his seat but something triggered him and he started hurling abuses in the plane.
Post this, Kapil was warned strictly by the pilot and later, Kapil spent most of his journey sleeping.

A recap of the incidence which happened mid-air:

The main reason which led to the fight was Chandan Prabhakar, the Chaiwallah of The Kapil Sharma Show. He got into an argument of sorts with Kapil backstage in Sydney, which was their first halt on the Australian tour.
Chandan did not appreciate the way Kapil spoke to him and replied, “Tu hoga Kapil Sharma, but you can’t speak to me like this.”

Kapil shot back, “Thappad marunga tujhe!”

Things took a bitter turn when Kapil got drunk in the flight and started abusing and that brought Sunil Grover in between the scene. This further escalated the fight.

Things didn’t end here, Kapil moved to Kiku Sharda and said, “Maine banaya hai tujhe. Hai Kaun tu? Sirf Rs. 10,000 per day ka artiste.”

Strangely, Kiku did not reply. He just put his head down and retired to his seat.

As of now, no communication has taken place between Kapil Sharma and the three artists – Sunil Grover, Ali Asgar and Chandan Prabhakar. The shoot of ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ was canceled last week.

Sony TV is trying its level best to bridge the gap but looks like all their efforts are going down the drain.

All we can hope is for things to normalize soon.

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