In Jee Le Zara, Addu’s comes to stay with Saanchi. This doesn’t go well with her father in law Yash and sister in law Suparna. They plan to kick Addu out of the house by hook or by crook. Suparna’s sister Ankita steals the money from Saanchi’s cupboard which she kept for Addu’s fees. Addu searches in the cupboard but doesn’t get the money. He tells Neena about the lost money. Neena offers to give him money. Saanchi rushes to Pradeep’s house and he attempted suicide. Pradeep cries infront of her. Saanchi takes them to Aaji’s house. Aaji refuses to let Pradeep stay at her home. Saanchi convinces her to let Pradeep and Deepali stay there. When Yash comes to know about Addu taking money from Neena, he makes an issue of the situation. Suparna adds fire and says money is there itself. Addu proves wrong infront of everything. Saanchi comes back to Mumbai and sees everybody accusing Addu. Addu bursts into tears and hugs Saanchi.

Saanchi understands that it was a trick to trapped Addu and decides to send him to the hostel. Neena gets emotional. Saanchi and Addu hugs her. Saanchi takes Addu to the hostel and get him admitted. Saanchi comes home and gets Mugdha’s messages. She rushes to Panchgani. She sees Deepali taking charge of the Jam’s deIivery with ease. Pradeep tells Saanchi to give the responsibility of farm to someone trust worthy. Aaji and Nani insist on the same as they want Saanchi to settled down in Mumbai with her new family. Saanchi gets convinced and gives the responsibility of farms to Deepali. Pradeep gets shocked as he thought Saanchi will handover the responsibility to him.

Saanchi feels empty after handing over her farm to Deepali. She shares this with Neena and goes to her room. She turns and sees Dhruv sleeping beside her. She touches him to confirm his presence and Dhruv is about to bite her finger. Saanchi gets surprised seeing him. They get romantic. Next morning, Dhruv asks her about Addu. Saanchi tells him that Addu has shifted to the hostel citing the travelling problem. Dhruv gets upset and thinks she has hurried in sending Addu to the hostel.

Yash praises Dhruv for getting the deal and also gives the credit to Saanchi for making him responsible towards work. He pretends to be caring towards Addu and tells Dhruv that Saanchi rushed him to the hostel. Dhruv feels Saanchi’s decision was wrong. Dhruv gives the gifts to Saanchi and also gives her the gifts for Addu. Ankita comes and asks Saanchi to show the gifts which Dhruv brought for her. Dhruv tells her that Saanchi didn’t like the western outfits. Ankita gets excited to see the dresses and asks Saanchi to give one of her dresses. Dhruv refuses but Ankita insists and demands her to agree. Saanchi gives in and agrees to give one of her dress.

Dhruv’s friends come to meet Dhruv and Saanchi. Ankita asks everyone to play truth and dare game. During playing the game, one friend asks Dhruv to recognize his wife Saanchi by being blindfolded. Dhruv recognizes Saanchi by feeing her feet. Ankita gets jealous. She asks Saanchi to tell the truth during the same game. She asks her to tell about the past men in her life before Dhruv. Everyone are shocked. Dhruv asks Saanchi not to answer for the stupid question. Saanchi goes ahead and replies that she has two men in her life before Dhruv and they are still in her life after marriage. They have made her understand about love. Dhruv is shocked. Saanchi tells them that she is talking about her dad and brother Addu who means world to her.

Saanchi excuses herself from there. Suparna taunts Saanchi saying she can’t match with the youngsters energy. Saanchi feels bad. Yash calls his family and tells everyone about Dhruv getting the lost deal and praises her caliber. He announces to throw the party in Dhruv’s honour. Anway and Suparna get irked.

Pradeep acts sweetly with Deepali and asks her for 4 lakhs rupees. Deepali refuses to give him money from Saanchi’s business. At the party, Ankita comes wearing the same outfit which she took from Saanchi. She tells her friends that the dress is brought by Dhruv from London, especially for her. Dhruv praises Saanchi infront of the media. Reporter asks her to pose with her husband. Ankita poses for the photo with Dhruv. Suparna comes with a plan to make Saanchi feel low. She forwards her leg just as Saanchi is about to go from there but she herself slips from the chair and falls down. Saanchi rushes to help her. Suparna accuses Saanchi to making her fall down. Everyone look tensed. What will happen when Dhruv comes to know about the real reason behind Addu leaving the house? Keep reading Jee Le Zara.

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