In Desh Ki Beti Nandini, Rajveer gets tensed about Nandini’s security after the love letter incident. He asks Abhay to increase Nandini’s security. Abhay takes Nandini’s number and thinks to talk to her whenever he wishes. Gayatri Devi plans to kill Nandini. Rajveer takes Nandini to a doctor as Nandini is unwell. Everyone try hard to make Divya eat something, but fails. Divya faints with hunger. Dadi supports Divya. Doctor comes to check Divya. He asks them to take care of Divya and says her blood pressure went down because of not taking food. She asks them to make Divya eat the food. Everyone discuss about Divya and Sid. Divya’s mom speaks badly about Sid and Pandeyji.

Nandini calls Sid and asks him to come. Sid comes there. He asks her to be patient else her family will think that he wants to marry her for money. Everyone hear them talking. Dadi is happy. Nandini speaks about love and money. Divya’s dad agrees. Gayatri Devi is shocked and opposes his decision. Divya’s dad says, he just wants Divya’s happiness and nothing else. Divya gets happy and hugs her parents.

Gayatri Devi mixes something in the soup. Nandini sees her mixing poison and confronts her. Gayatri Devi asks her to drink it. Nandini refuses. Rajveer comes and drinks one sip inorder to prove his mom right. Nandini gets shocked and stops him from drinking further. Rajveer gets shocked as his health deteriotes because of poison. Gayatri Devi panics. Nandini calls the doctor and shouts at Gayatri Devi.

Doctor treats Rajveer. Everyone come home. Doctor asks them to report to the police. Nandini informs her family about Gayatri Devi’s plan to kill her. Dadi scolds Gayatri Devi. Chacha and swaroop also scold her. Dadi tells her that she never thought she would do such a thing. Gayatri Devi accepts her crime and says she did this to kill Nandini. She says, Nandini defeated her in all aspects. Dadi asks Nandini to decide Gayatri’s punishment.

Rajveer opens his eyes and gets consciousness. Nandini asks him to promise to be with her all her life. He promises her. Divya informs everyone about Rajveer getting consciousness. Gayatri Devi is about to go, but Dadi stops her. She asks her to take Nandini’s permission to meet Rajveer. Rajveer comes down and tells that he was wrong and Nandini was always right about her. He breaks his relation with Gayatri Devi. He declares that he is leaving the house with Nandini.

Gayatri Devi tries to stop them but in vain. They take blessings from elders and leaves. Gayatri Devi cries sitting at the door. Rajveer and Nandini come to Pandeyji’s house. Rajveer tells them everything about Gayatri Devi’s doings. They don’t believe that she can stoop so low. Rajveer says, they will stay here until they find a house. They get welcome by pandey family. Rajveer realizes the importance of the true family which Gayatri Devi failed to understand.

Rajveer apologizes to Nandini for not believing her and believing only Gayatri Devi. He repents for that. Nandini consoles him. They sit to have dinner. Gayatri Devi misses Rajveer and calls him repeatedly, but Rajveer ignores her calls. Nandini asks him to pick the call. Rajveer refuses to talk to Gayatri Devi and asks her not to force him else he will leave. Gayatri Devi talks with her husband’s photo and says she failed. She collapses and falls on the floor.

Servant comes and sees her on the floor. He informs the family. Divya calls Nandini and asks her to come with Rajveer. Nandini decides to go alone as Rajveer is angry with Gayatri Devi. Nandini comes to see Gayatri Devi. Gayatri Devi blames Nandini for snatching Rajveer from her. Nandini tries to defend herself. Nandini says, she tried to separate her and Rajveer but today she herself got separated from her son. She asks her to become good and realize her mistake.

Gayatri Devi refuses to apologize tp Nandini and asks her to go away. Gayatri Devi recalls Nandini’s words and goes to the kitchen to commit suicide. Nandini calls all the family members and stops her. Nandini informs Rajveer about Gayatri Devi’s suicide attempt. She asks him to come. Rajveer refuses. Nandini says, she will force him. Doctor checks Gayatri Devi. Gayatri Devi stops Nandini and apologizes to her. Gayatri Devi accepts all her crimes, pandey project, hurting Rajveer’s hand, getting Rajveer shot at the rally and creating differences between Rajveer and Nandini. All the family members hear that and get shocked. Dadi scolds Gayatri Devi and decides to leave the house. Keep reading Desh Ki Beti Nandini.

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