MUMBAI: Bringing an enchanting blend of charisma and melody to Sony Entertainment Television’s talent reality show, ‘India’s Got Talent- Season 10’ this weekend will be the legendary Gurdas Maan, affectionately known as ‘Maan Saab’. The maestro whose resounding voice has graced the music industry with numerous chart-toppers, is all set to witness the prowess of the Top 14 contestants! With a convergence of sheer talent and entertainment; the episode promises an unforgettable experience for all!

Among the spectacular performances, Farhan Sabir Live from Delhi will shine through with their divine rendition of the qawwali on Chhaap Tilak Sab; touching everyone’s heart. Impressed with the performance guest Maan Sahab will complement the group saying, “This Qawwali by Hazrath Amir Khusro is extraordinary. The words that flowed from his tongue is unwavering and no one can divert them from their course. His qawwali mesmerizes me, and I could feel that in your performance, you too, have made me a devotee. There is no greater nirvana than this, which calls people to divinity with its voice. Keep this joy alive.”

Adding on to the compliments, Badshah says, “You spoke about wanting to do stage shows and concerts, and the whole world watching you? I feel like I’m witnessing your dream come true in today’s performance. It was a very good performance. Your voice is truly a gift, the way you were singing those melodies, it was evident to me that it’s muscle memory for your voice. And, the day is not far when you will also perform in big concerts.”

In addition to this, Shilpa will go on to share how she listens to Gurdas Maan’s songs while working out. She says, “I have been married into a Punjabi family and have become half Punjabi myself. I’ve been a fan of Gurdas Ji, even before, but the depth of your songs’ meanings was explained to me by my husband. He is a huge fan of yours. We listen to your songs even in the gym, and it fill us with energy. There’s something special in your songs. But my favourite song is ‘Ki Banu Duniya Da’ and one day I literally teared up while listening to that song. Your fan base is so widespread that even non-Punjabis are moved to tears. I always knew your songs were excellent, but I found out then that you write the songs yourself, which is so amazing. Each song has a message. I find that aspect truly wonderful.”
Tune in to India’s Got Talent, this Saturday & Sunday at 9:30 PM only on Sony Entertainment Television!

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