In Ek Nayi Pehchaan, Sakshi supports Sharda to go to London for the conference. Even though Suresh doesn’t like Sakshi’s surprise, but pretends to like it. They give gift to each other on Mother’s day. Sakshi thinks Sharda’s best day is about to come. Karan comes to his room and sees Sakshi sleeping. He thanks her and says he loves her. He gets the letter in which it was written that Sakshi loves Aditya. He gets angry. Karan is searching for a file. Saksh shuts the cupboard on his hand and he gets injured. She goes to bring ice packs. Sharda gets worried. Sakshi applies icecubes on his hand. She brings breakfast and feeds him. Sakshi goes to drop Karan to his office. Aditya sees her and talks to her. Later he makes Karan jealous with his words. Sakshi comes back home and gets the letter written by Aditya. She gets shocked.

Karan, Aditya and Latika are working in the office. Latika asks Aditya to handle the office and leaves. Aditya gets Sakshi’s call asking him to meet her. He disconnects the call. Aditya tells Karan that Sakshi loves him. Aditya calls Sakshi to prove to Karan that Sakshi loves him. Sakshi asks him to meet her at the coffee shop. Karan gets sad. Aditya asks her to meet somewhere else. Karan thinks Sakshi loves Aditya and decides to free her from their marriage. Karan meets Lawyer and gets the divorce papers. Sakshi tells Karan that she is going out. Karan goes to drop her. He thinks he loves Sakshi and she loves Aditya.

Sakshi gets out of the car. She meets Aditya in the park. Aditya tells her that her love forced him to do that. He apologizes to her for taking the wrong step. He then starts badmouthing about Karan. Sakshi gets angry. She tells him that she loves only Karan. Sakshi tells Aditya that no one can separate her with Karan. Aditya sees Karan and tells I love you too. Karan comes out and slaps Aditya. He asks him not to come in between Sakshi and him. Karan tells her I love you. Sakshi hugs him emotionally. They come back happily. Sharda sees them happy and thanks the God.

Sharda sees honeymoon getaways in the laptop and asks Latika about it. Latika explains her. Sharda thinks of a plan and asks Latika to book honeymoon tickets for Karan and Sakshi. Latika refuses saying Karan is not concentrating on his work. Sharda insists. Latika books the tickets. She tells her plan to Latika. Latika and Sharda send Karan and Sakshi to the romantic getaway under the pretext of some work. They reach the place and laugh thinking about Sharda and Latika’s plan. Sakshi was about to fall, but Karan holds her on time. He takes her to the bed and consummate their marriage.

Sharda asks Latika to concentrate on her family. Latika promises her. Sakshi wakes up and is about to kiss Karan. Karan wakes up. Sakshi gets shy. He pulls her closer. He compliments her beauty and praises her eyes, nose, lips etc. Then they get romantic again. Later they come home. Dadi asks, where they went? Sharda says, they went with her permission. Dadi asks Sharda to make tea for her. Sharda goes to make tea. Sakshi thanks Sharda for uniting her with Karan. Sharda tells her not to thank her as they both are friends. Sharda praises Sakshi and says she helped her in every step more than her daughter. Latika hears it and gets angry. She thinks Sakshi is taking her mom away from her. She goes without meeting Sharda.

Karan gets a dress for Sakshi and gets romantic again. Sakshi pushes him out of the room while she tries the dress. Sakshi shows the dress to Sharda. Sharda gets happy. She asks Latika if she helped Karan in the selection. Latika says no. Karan tells them that he ordered it specially for Sakshi. Someone comes and gives the gift box. Karan says, he didn’t order anything. Latika says, it might be for Sharda and gives it to her. Sharda opens it and finds the necklace set. She gets happy. Sakshi says, Suresh must have sent it and teases Sharda. Sharda thanks Suresh for gifting her necklace. Suresh gets shocked and looks at her. In the coming episodes, Suresh will yell at the jeweller for sending necklace to his house instead of the office. Keep reading.

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