In Main Naa Bhoolungi, Samaira asks Aditya to divorce Madhu after sending her to the mental asylum. She tells him that she is still his mistress. Aditya asks her to plan patiently. Samaira threatens to leave him. Aditya agrees to do something and hugs her. Aditya happily have food when Mohanto and Sunaina come there. He starts acting as if he is missing Madhu.

Samaira tells that they should meet Madhu to make her feel good. Aditya asks Samaira about her plan. She asks him to watch her plan. Mohanto, Samaira and Aditya come to meet Madhu. Doctor goes to bring Madhu.  Madhu steals hairpin from the warden and once goes, Madhu escapes opening the door with hair pin. Staff members informs Mohanto that Madhu escaped. Mohanto gets shocked. Madhu changes her dress as hospital staff and on seeing Aditya, she hides.

Everyone search for her. Madhu hides her face and starts sweeping the floor. Samaira asks her if she saw a mad woman running. Madhu does not reply. Samaira realizes the lady is Madhu and runs behind her. Hospital staff catches Madhu. Madhu pleads to leave her as she is not mad. She slaps Samaira and asks Mohanto to believe her. She is dragged to her room. Samaira tells Aditya that she will stay there. Aditya and Mohanto leave from there. Jai gets signing authority from Mohanto.

Samaira takes money from Neeraj and gives to the doctor. She asks him to help her. He agrees. Madhu is giving electric shock while Samaira stands behind her. Aditya asks his lawyer to prepare divorce papers and says Mohanto himself will make his daughter divorce him. He takes Arnav and starts acting when he sees Mohanto and Sunaina coming. He tells that he can’t see her son suffer without a mother and cries. Mohanto consoles him.

Samaira tells her plan to Aditya. Aditya praises her intelligent mind. Sudha worries for Shikha. Mahi asks her not to worry. Madhu steals Doctor’s phone and calls Jai for help. Jai tells her that he has become MD and refuses to help her. Madhu gets shocked. Aditya comes to office and sees his cabin changed. Jai tells him that he is new MD and shows his power. Aditya goes to mental asylum to meet Madhu and tells their story. He tells her, how he fooled her and sent her to the mental asylum. Madhu recalls Shikha’s words. Aditya asks Madhu to sign on the divorce papers.

Madhu laughs and says Samaira is Shikha and she will destroy him also. Aditya doesn’t believe her. He asks her to sign on the papers. Madhu refuses to let him go so easily. Samaira meets Aditya and asks him to make Madhu sign on the papers tomorrow. Avinash comes home and tells Sudha that Shikha decided to marry Aditya and tells it might be Shikha’s new plan.

Samaira changes Arnav’s bandage and make him sleep by telling him stories. Nurse snatches doctor’s phone from Madhu’s hand. Shikha comes to meet Sudha and Mahi. Servant informs Aditya that Arnav is having high fever. Samaira asks him to call the doctor. Doctor checks Arnav and asks him not to worry. Mohanto comes to meet Madhu. She pleads to him to take her with him. He silently leaves from there.

Samaira tells Aditya that she has a plan with which Madhu will give him divorce. Jai buys Madhu’s mobile from the nurse for Rs. 1 lakhs rupees. Jai and Aarya see the video of Aditya confessing his love for Samaira in Madhu’s phone memory card. Jai tells Aarya that they can’t show the video to Mohanto as of now. Samaira plays with Arnav and tells him that she is his mamma. Arnav calls her Mamma. Samaira gets emotional and hugs him happily. Sunaina tells Mohanto that Samaira is taking good care of Arnav.

Aditya starts acting again as if Arnav is missing his mom. He tells that he will have lunch with Madhu in the mental asylum. They come to meet Madhu. Aditya goes to meet her first and asks her to have home made food. Instead of feeding her, he starts eating while speaking and throws the tiffin. He asks, what did you do? Mohanto and Sunaina enter then. Madhu tells them his plan. Mohanto asks her to calm down and leaves from there.

Sunaina worries for Arnav and plans to get Aditya married again. Samaira comes to Mohanto to give Arnav. Arnav calls her mamma surprising Mohanto and Sunaina. Samaira smirks. Keep reading.

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