Itni Si Khushi is a story of Neha who comes out of coma after 12 long years. Neha’s family gets excited on learning about her discharge from the hospital after 12 years. Her sister Akansha plan to decorate her room. Dadi asks her to make sure that Neha’s room is decorated well. Sandeep tells them that Neha will be discharge in 2 hours. The doctor informs her dad Mr. Agarwal that Neha recovered very fast and her reports are fine. He asks him to keep her away from any shock. He looks for her and sees her playing with kids. She falls and laughs. Her dad gets relieved and thinks she is his same daughter. Akansha, Sandeep and their mom Sunita decorate Neha’s room. Akanksha hides a ‘A/N’ written card and also tells her mom to hide it from Neha. Neha reaches home and is welcomed by her family. She hugs her brother and sister. Sunita gets tears in her eyes. Neha hugs her mom too.
Sandeep tells her about his wife Shagun and son Suraj. Neha runs to meet her Dadi. She gets happy. Neha asks Akansha about Aman and says she wants to meet him. She asks, if he got married. Akansha is at loss of words and tries to distract her. Later Akansha goes to call her for food and finds her missing from home. She wonders where she went. Neha goes to market and asks the Icecream vendor to give her icecream and get money from her father. He runs after her. Neha hides behind a guy, unaware that he is her Aman. Icecream falls on his shoes. Neha notices and apologizes to him calling him uncle. Aman gets surprised.
Neha comes to Aman’s house and recalls in flashback. She peeps in his room and sees him changing clothes. She closes her eyes. She hears his Dadi’s voice and recalls her as hitler dadi. Aman’s dadi sees her and asks her what were you doing here and who are you? Neha runs around the house while Dadi follows her. Dadi falls down and calls aloud for Aman. Aman comes. Neha gets happy seeing him and thinks she called him uncle. Neha’s family members get worried and decide to file a police complaint. Aman’s mother Gayatri calls Neha’s home and informs her family. They rush to Aman’s house and greet Dadi. Dadi gets irritated to see them. Even Aman’s mother is not pleased to see them. Neha tells her family that she went out to have fresh air then saw Aman’s house and came inside. Sunita apologizes to Gayatri for the trouble. Dadi tells rude words to Neha which upsets everyone. Neha gets tears in her eyes.
Neha goes to Dida’s room after coming home. Her family members discuss about Aman’s Dadi rude words. Neha cheers her family and asks her dad to bring icecream for her. Gayatri gives haldi milk to Dadi. Jayanti tells Dadi that they need to careful about Neha as she was eyeing Aman. Neha wonders about Aman’s Dadi’s rude words and questions Akanksha about Dadi’s saying that the relations have changed. Akansha distracts her mind and tells that everyone is so busy in their lives. Neha comes to her parents’ room and sleeps with them. Akansha promises to take Neha to the beauty parlour after returning from work. Neha gets excited and happy.
Aman’s bike run short of petrol so he pushes his bike to reach the fuel station. Neha sees him and offers to push his bike. They start taking. She apologizes to him. Aman too apologizes on his Dadi’s behalf. He calls her chep and asks her to go home else her family will get worried. Neha fails to convince Dadi to use the wheelchair as Dadi feels that she will die if she sits on the wheel chair. Gayatri and Dadi learn about 3 auspicious dates from a priest and invite Sunita home to choose one for Akansha and Aman’s wedding. Akanksha stops Neha from going to Aman’s house but couldn’t. She notices Neha admiring Aman and gets worried. Dadi asks Sunita to tell Neha about Akansha wedding.
Aman comes home and meets Neha. Akanksha notices their bonding and feels bad. She thinks she has never seen Aman smiling happily before. She gets thinking. Gayatri selects Aman and Akanksha’s engagement date. Neha asks Akansha to click their photo. Akansha gets unconfortable. Neha sees her parents coming out from Aman’s house. She asks them why they went there. They lie to her. Akansha calls Neeta and shares her worries with her. Neeta reminds her that Aman is going to marry her. Shagun gets Suraj to leave his room. Neha allows Suraj to play in her room which makes him feel good. Gayatri notices Aman and Neha’s bonding and reminds him of his engagement and changes in relations. Akansha stops Sunita from telling Neha about her engagement. Akanksha decides to tell Neha about her engagement.
Shagun doesn’t like Sunita wishing to buy a new dress for Neha. Aman and Neha’s family come for Mata Ki Chowki. Dadi gets surprised to know that Dida’s fear of wheel chair have gone because of Neha. Jayanti comes to know about Neha being unaware about Akansha’s engagement with Aman. Gayatri notices Akansha feeling uncomfortable seeing Neha and Aman together. Akansha tries to tell Neha about her engagement but fails. Later Jayanti tells the truth to Neha which shocks her. Neha thinks she has lost everything today. Keep reading.

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