In Itti Si Khushi, Neha gets sad knowing about Aman and Akansha’s engagement. Her family sees her upset and goes to talk to her. Her father tries to lure her for ice cream, but she says she is not feeling like eating anything. Neha thinks she won’t talk to anyone. Sandeep and Shagun go to talk to Neha. Neha requests them to leave her alone. She recalls the engagement announcement and sits there sadly. All her family members come there. Neha starts crying and asks for Dada ji’s shawl and sketch book. She tells that she want everything like before. Akansha thinks that she knows what is hurting her sister. Akansha apologizes to Neha for hurting her. She tells her that Aunty brought Aman’s alliance for her and she couldn’t refuse.

While Akanksha blames herself for hurting Neha to the family, Neha tells that she is hurt as no one told her anything. It is best that Akansha is getting married to Aman. Akansha calls Neeta. Aman picks the call. Akansha tells how Neha has no problem with her engagement with Aman. He is in thoughts. Jayanti tells Dadi that they should bring Akansha home soon and fills her ears against Neha. Dadi gets thinking. Neha looks at Aman and her photo that she had pasted together once and cries thinking Aman getting engaged to Akansha. She questions God why he is doing this to her. Next morning, Neha’s family notices her puffy face and gets worried. Shagun asks Sandeep to bring white sports shoes for Suraj in the morning.

Sandeep gives money to Sunita for Akanksha’s shopping and upsets Shagun. Akansha, Neha, Dadi, Neeta and Gayatri are out for shopping sarees. Neha stands far. Aman walks inside the shop just when Neha is trying a saree veil. She tries to wear it but trips. They have an eye lock. Neeta notices the saree in Neha’s hand. Akanksha buys the sari Neha has chosen for herself. Neha’s seriousness confuses Aman. Kartik and his girlfriend plan their Switzerland trip. She shows him things that she has brought for him. They share a hug just when Jayanti comes in without knocking at the door.

Dadi taunts Gayatri to find a ring herself. Neha shows Aman the ring she has chosen for Akanksha. The jeweller mistakes her to be Aman’s fiancee and says they are just like Ram and Sita. Everyone is surprised to see him with Neha. Dadi corrects him. Neha gets upset on Aman’s Dadi rejecting the ring she has selected for Akanksha and waits outside. Aman notices Neha’s sad face. Akanksha notices Aman looking at Neha. They return home just when Kartik’s girlfriend leaves from their house. Akansha shows the saree which Neha had selected for her.

Sandeep talks to his mom about money. You said Gayatri aunty was going to shop for her. He tells her that Shagun had taken advance from her salary to buy shoes for Suraj. His dad agrees to return his money. Sunita tries to calm him but in vain. He declines to take any money from Sandeep. Neha learns about her father compromising on her life support due to its high costs and gets shocked. Neha gets hurt. Mr. Agarwal apologizes to Sandeep. Sandeep goes to talk to Neha. He is in tears too.

Gayatri learns about Kartik’s girlfriend coming home and tries to stop him. Dadi steps up in Kartik’s behalf. Kartik retorts that he cannot tolerate all these cribbing and taunts. If you have so many problems with me then I will leave this house. Aman thinks to talk to him. Sandeep wants to talk to Neha, but is upset and thinks Neha assumes that her brother wanted to kill her.. Shagun comes to Neha and reveals the reason for doing so and clears the misunderstanding. She tells him that Sandeep loves her a lot and was worried for her all these years. Neha hugs her bhabhi. Shagun suggests her to talk to him.

Neha gifts white sports shoes to Suraj. Shagun is touched. Neha comes to Sandeep. He tells her that he wanted to see her all well since always. Neha pulls his cheeks. Akanksha joins Neha and Sandeep and they enjoy. Sandeep teasingly takes Aman’s name and gets Neha sad again. Aman suggests Karthik to respect elders, but Kartik declines to follow their mother’s words. He asks him, why are you marrying Akansha, as she is Maa’s choice. Aman feels bad.

Sunita send Akansha and Neha to Aman’s house for giving prasad. Gayatri goes inside to get kheer for them. Aman greets Akansha and Neha and asks them to come in. Dadi suggests Akansha and Aman to go inside till then. Neha goes with them. Dadi gets irked. Dadi comes and takes Neha out from there. She asks her to use some brain. Neha comes to Dida’s room, hugs her and cries. She confesses to Dida that she lied to Akansha when she asked me if I still like Aman, but the fact is I still like him a lot. God should have let me be in coma only. I am very happy for Akansha, but whenever people talk about her marriage I feel like crying. She hugs her Dida again as she cries. Dida is in tears to hear about Neha’s pain.
Aman notices Neha in her courtyard and stops his bike. He smiles as he finds her doing exercises. Sunita tells Neha to give a box full of laddoos at Aman’s house to which Neha declines. Sunita thinks to go. Neha agrees and walks inside Aman’s house. She hurriedly gives the box to Gayatri and turns to go. But Gayatri stops her. She receives a courier and gets happy. Neha tries Akansha’s ring. Dadi catches her. Neha gets tensed. Keep reading.

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