Sid and Roshni will be caught in an intimate position by Neil.

Zee TV’s Jamai Raja, post leap, has been receiving a lot of compliments, reason being the intriguing track. Post leap, Sid (Ravi Dubey) and Roshni (Nia Sharma) have separated and gone ahead to marry different people. But they are still madly in love at the same time. Uff, complicated already!

However, Sid has been trying to encourage Roshni to move on in life with Neil and find happiness. But Mami, who knows about Sid and Roshni’s past, does not want Neil and Roshni to come close to each other and tries to break their alliance at every given opportunity.

And in one of her latest bid to do so, she spikes Sid and Roshni’s drink. The duo gets high and this would give the viewers a glimpse of some intense romance between the two. However, buzz kill would be that Neil (Indraneil Sengupta) who would catch them just when they are about to kiss and takes Roshni away from Sid.

How would this revelation change Neil? Would Sid ever be successful in getting Roshni and Neil together? Would Sid happily see his Roshni become someone else’s wife by all means?
Keep reading this space for more updates.

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