In Ek Nayi Pehchaan, Pallavi cries looking at Sharda’s pics and recalls her meeting with her. She thinks it is all hers now. Sharda tells Sakshi and Karan that she doesn’t want to do business. A worker comes to Sharda and tells her that a lady was thrown out of the chawl after her husband died and she is in orphanage now. Sharda comes to the orphanage to give money that she got from Meeta. Sharda thinks if she donates money, then they will get happiness for few moments only so she will have to do something else. Latika leaves Diya with Pallavi. Pallavi talks her about toys and she starts speaking. Pallavi takes her to the hospital with her.


Sakshi vomits after eating good. Sharda and Sakshi decide to go to the hospital. The doctor gives good news to Sakshi and Sharda that Sakshi may be pregnant. Sharda is happy. Sakshi tells her to wait for the confirmation. Sharda and Sakshi leave the hospital to eat something. Diya sees and follows them. Pallavi gets tensed and informs Latika that Diya went missing. Diya is lost on the street. Sharda sees her and calms her down.


Sharda brings her home. Latika asks her where did she find Diya. Sharda tells her that she found Diya on the street. Pallavi tells them that she took Diya to a mall and she went missing. Sharda thinks why she is lying as she had seen her in the hospital. Karan is very happy after hearing about Sakshi’s pregnancy. Sakshi tells him that it is not yet confirmed. Sharda asks Sakshi not to do any work and asks her to sit. Sakshi gets a call from the doctor informing her that she is not pregnant. Sakshi gets sad. Karan cheers her up. Karan tells Sharda and Sakshi that Suresh has become bankrupt. They couldn’t believe it.


Latika questions Suresh. He tells her that he was about to tell them. She asks about the loan amount. He says 80 crores. He asks Pallavi to help him with the money. Pallavi refuses. Suresh decides to auction the house. Dadi is shocked. Karan tells Sharda that Modi house may be auctioned. Sharda gets emotional and thinks she can’t let that happen. Sharda comes to Modi house and tells the buyers to leave as they are not selling the house. Pallavi asks her to stop the auction if she can.


Sharda and Karan are sad to know that the auction is tomorrow. Pallavi feels bad to refused money to Suresh. Shanaya comes and tells her that she is very happy. Pallavi wishes that Sharda is able to stop this auction somehow. The officers come to auction the house. Suresh is shattered. Pallavi awaits for Sharda. Sharda and Karan go to talk to the lawyer. They all decide to go to the magistrate office to see if they can find a way out. The auction process starts with the initial bid of Rs. 50 crores. Modi family is helpless and is in tears.


The magistrate signs on the papers presented by Sharda. She thanks him. The bidding amount goes as high as 80 crores. Sharda and Karan walk up to the auctioneer’s table. Sharda stops them and shows the stay order. She asks the bidders to leave. Pallavi smiles. Dadi hugs Sharda. Suresh tells Sharda that he didn’t have any other option than to auction the house. He asks, do you wants to ruin me. Sharda tells him about the attachment she has with the house. Karan and Sakshi praises Sharda.


Pallavi thinks to bring Sharda in the house and hopes Shanaya accepts her after her death. Doctor calls Pallavi and asks her to come for chemotherapy session. Pallavi thinks what to say at home. Dadi asks Suresh to bring Sharda home. Suresh tells her that Sharda helped him and showed that she has become a big businesswoman. Pallavi hears them talking and thinks to bring Sharda home. He thinks Suresh will get a wife and her kids will get a mother.


Sharda feels bad for Suresh and thinks to help him somehow. She thinks her fast and prayers will bring some solution for Suresh. Sakshi feels the same. Karan gets a job because of his honesty and not because of his father’s name. He gets happy. Shanaya happens to read Pallavi’s will. She is shocked as Pallavi has transferred everything on Sharda’s name.


Sharda is sad and tells Sakshi that she wants to help Suresh. Sakshi tells her that they can’t help him financially. Sharda thinks her prayers and fast will not go waste and something will happen for sure. Karan gifts tab to Sakshi. She is overjoyed. Shanaya comes to Sharda and tells her that Pallavi has transferred everything on her name. Sharda gets shocked. Shanaya threatens to destroy them and asks what they have done with her mom. She leaves. Sharda gets a call informing her about Sakshi’s accident. She rushes to the hospital.


Pallavi comes to the same hospital for her chemotherapy session. Doctor tells Sharda that Sakshi is having problems in breathing and they can’t say anything. Sharda cries. Karan tries to wake up Sakshi and cries. Sharda prays to God to make Sakshi well. Sakshi gains consciousness in the morning and removes her oxygen mask. Doctor tells Karan that Sakshi is fine now. Sharda asks the receptionist about Sakshi’s new ward. She tells her about Pallavi’s ward. Sharda goes to that ward and sees Pallavi. She gets shocked.


Doctor informs Sharda that Pallavi has cancer. She is shocked and taken aback. Sharda thinks why Pallavi hid such a big thing from her husband? She thinks why she transferred all her business on her name. Sakshi assures Sharda that she is fine. Sharda comes to Pallavi. Pallavi gets shocked. Doctor tells her that her sister came to meet her. Pallavi asks Sharda to accept her kids and gives them motherly love. Sharda refuses. Pallavi talks emotionally saying she can’t see her kids suffer after her death. Sharda asks Sakshi and Karan to go home and she will come home later.


Shanaya shows the POA papers to Suresh. He gets shocked. Dadi asks her to ask Pallavi directly. Suresh calls on her number. Sharda and Pallavi comes home. Shanaya is happy to see her mom and taunts Sharda. Pallavi slaps her. Dadi is surprised to see her behavior. Suresh questions Pallavi about the power of attorney. She tells him that it is her money and her decision. He tells her that he needs money but you are giving everything to Sharda? Pallavi replies saying she gave her life to him. Suresh gets annoyed. Keep reading.

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