In Bade Achhe Lagte Hain, Juhi meets her ex husband and they reveal how Juhi planned Priya’s accident after entering her life. She says, even though she tried to kill Priya. but she was saved and went in coma. She reveals her doings. She even says that she tried to trapped Ram in her fake love and was about to get married to him to get his property. but Priya came out of coma and spoiled her plan. Then she married Sid and manipulated him against his own family. She spoilt Pihu so that everybody hates her. Rajeev and Juhi laugh. Priya, Sid and MAmaji hear everything and get shocked. Lawyer gives property papers to Priya irking Juhi. Sid confronts Juhi and slaps her hard. He says, he started trusting her, but she betrayed him. He tears the papers and tells her that he won’t let Priya and Ram separate.

Vikram comes to Kapoor Mansion and recalls Sammy’s murder. Pihu talks to him. Priya comes home and goes straight to her room. She tells Natasha and Vikram that everything was planned by Juhi.
Pihu is shocked too. Priya blames Juhi for spoiling Pihu and messing with her life. Vikram promises to help Priya in getting Ram out of Jail. Priya thanks him.

Rajeev tells Juhi that they shall leave the city. Juhi is adamant to get Kapoor’s property. Pihu comes there and confronts her for her doings. Pihu feels bad that she didn’t trust her own mother. Vikram tells her to apologize to Priya. He says, Priya will forgive her little princess.

Someone searches for something. Mamaji sees someone running and thinks it is his imagination. Suhani comes to Pihu’s room and hops. Pihu asks, why she looks afraid. Pihu apologizes to her for misbehaving with her in the past. Priya talks to Khush and tells him that Sid needs him at the moment. After being betrayed by his wife Juhi, he is feeling bad. Khush refuses to console him. Priya asks him to be at Sid’s side if he is Ram and her son. Khush agrees. Khush goes to Sid and hugs him. They get emotional.

Pihu and Khush talk about Sid. Khush says, he felt good after hugging his Dad for the first time. Sid hears their conversation and gets happy.

It is revealed that Suhani is Sammy’s murderer. She recalls killing Sammy with Ram’s pistol. She recalls Sammy threatening to get her and asking her to get the child aborted. She thinks she tried to solve the problem, but destroyed everything as Ram is in Jail. She thinks Priya and Pihu are suffering because of her.

Khush comes to Vikram and asks him to give Sammy’s favourite thing so that he can keep it with the baby. Vikram tells about Sammy’s pendant. He blesses Khush. Pihu looks at the pics and reminiscences the old times spent with her mom Priya. Priya tells her that everything will be fine and they will live happily like before.

Suhani feels guilty that she killed Sammy and betrayed Priya. She thinks she did the wrong thing, but thinks she punished Sammy as he was wrong. She thinks she did it for her baby’s happiness. Khush comes to her and compains of headache. Suhani massages his head and asks him if he will forgive her if she do any mistake. Khush says, it depends on the mistake and asks her not to betray him. Suhani gets tensed.

Priya writes a letter to Ram and opens her heart. She tells that she is missing him and hopes to free him soon. She cries. Pihu tries to call Natasha, but her phone network is not reachable. She takes Suhani’s phone to call Natasha. She reads Sammy and Suhani’s messages in the mobile inbox and gets shocked. She sends the messages to her phone. She is shocked to read that Sammy wanted Suhani to abort the child and Suhani replied to him saying she will kill him. She thinks to tell this to Priya. She tells Priya that Suhani is the murderer and shows the messages.

Priya doesn’t believe her and says Suhani is very calm. She thinks to go to the root of this message. She tells Pihu that she can play the blind game. Khush comes and asks for Suhani. Suhani comes and they goes for her check up. Priya discusses with Natasha about Suhani. She says, she can’t believe that Suhani can such a thing. Natasha says, we have to find the solution. Priya says, she doesn’t want to trap any innocent person to free Ram. Natasha says, we are doing this for Ram.

Suhani comes to the doctor with Khush. Doctor tells her that she will deliver the baby after three weeks. Khush gets excited. Doctor asks her to be happy. Suhani imagines Sammy on the road and shouts. Khush tells her that it was her imagination. She gets scared. Sid thanks Priya for uniting him with his son Khush. Priya tells him that they are family. Sid tells Khush that he is happy that he has become like Ram instead of him. He gives him money to get some toys for his to be born child. Khush thanks him.

Priya calls everyone in the hall. She tells everyone that she got the proofs against the murderer and she will submit the proofs to the police in the morning. Everyone get scared. She tells that she kept the proofs in her room almara. Suhani comes to Priya’s room and searches for the keys. Priya comes from behind and caught her. Natasha gets up from the bed. Priya slaps her hard. Suhani cries. Pihu asks, how could you do this. Priya says, we have supported you and you have punished us.

Priya says, I didn’t support Pihu, but you. I walked out of the house for you. She says, I missed my daughter for 5 months and she used to hate me. She says, you killed Sammy and sent Ram in Jail. Suhani cries. Khush looks angrily. Next week, Suhani will be jailed and Ram will be freed by the court. Keep reading.

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