There is a misunderstanding between Ram and Vikram. Ram doubts Vikram for the money mishandling at his office. Vikram calls Neha and assures her that everything is fine at home. Rajat asks Vikram to talk to Ram. Vikram says, Ram doesn’t listen to him now. Rajat says, let Priya handle the situation. Natasha meets Suhani and was excited that Priya is coming back. Suhani tells her that Khush isn’t happy at all. Natasha comes and helps Priya pack her bags. Ram comes and says her house is waiting for her. Priya worries about family members and Pihu’s reaction seeing her. Ram assures her not to worry. Priya tells him that she wants Khush and Suhani to come with her. Ram agrees. Ram hugs Khush and gets emotional.

Priya talks with Suhani and tries to convince her to come with her and Khush. Suhani doesn’t want to go back to Kapoor Mansion as Sammy is residing there. Priya asks Ram to go as she can’t come leaving Suhani here. Natasha makes Suhani understand to think about Priya’s happiness. She asks her to marry Khush as he loves her a lot. Pihu sees Sammy taking out the wedding ring and asks him to change his mind and heart. Juhi overhears them talking. Pihu comes out. Juice offers her juice and says she is with her as Priya is coming with Suhani.

Natasha informs Priya and Khush that Suhani has agreed to come with her to Kapoor Mansion. She tells that Suhani has agreed to marry Khush. Priya gets happy and says Khush will keep you happy. Suhani tells Priya that she can’t see her in any trouble because of her. She says, she would marry for her sake. Khush gets happy. Priya hugs them happily.

Cady and Rajat talk about Pihu and Priya. Cady tells Rajat about Priya coming back home. Rajat tells her to be there. Cady says, Natasha is there to handle Pihu. Rajat says, he can’t believed that Pihu is changed so much. They have to find a solution to calm Pihu. Cady says, Sammy is her solution.

Ram brings Priya back to Kapoor Mansion. Priya looks at the house and recalls the time spent in the house. Pari and Mayra get happy seeing Priya and hugs her. Pihu gets angry looking at Suhani and Priya. They hug Khush then. Ram tells everyone that Khush and Suhani will be married soon. Sammy thinks Suhani lied to him about her marriage. He thinks Suhani loves him.

Pihu thinks she hates Priya. Juhi and Sid get tensed as Priya is back. Mamaji says, we should pack our bags and leave as Priya will take over everything. Suhani comes to her room and gets emotional. Khush comes and says he is happy that she agreed to marry him. He says, he got everything in life except love. Vikram asks Rajat, if he is coming to the party. Rajat replies no and says he will wait for the right moment.
Khush asks Suhani to accompany her for the movie. Suhani tells her that she likes him, but doesn’t want to say about her feelings as she is scared to tell it as love. She doesn’t want to lose that feeling. Khush keeps her hand on his heart and asks her to check. He asks her to get ready for the party on time.

Sammy thinks to get back Suhani. At the party, Juhi meets Priya and pretends as if she is happy with her return. She says, she is happy for Ram. She thanks Juhi for taking care of her kids in her absence. Juhi thanks Priya for taking care of her Khush and says he has put on weight. Mamaji compliments Khush and says he is looking handsome. Sid comes and says he is my son. Khush says he is handsome because of his Priya angel.

Priya shares with Natasha that she is worried about Pihu. She should understand that her happiness matters to her. Natasha asks Priya to give some time to Pihu. Priya hopes Pihu understands her. Pihu calls Sammy and asks him to come soon. She sees Khush and Suhani coming to the party. She taunts Suhani and insults her. Suhanis ays, she is with the person she likes. She asks her to worry about herself as Sammy thinks about others. Cady and Daijaa convinces Rajat to attend Ram and Priya’s party. Rajat is not too sure but agrees.

Vikram comes to the party and is greeted by Priya. They talk about Ram. Vikram says, he was trying his best to unite them. Priya says you are our good friend. Ram scolds Sid and Sammy for mishandling his business and asks Sammy to sign on some papers. Sammy signs on the papers. Pihu tells Juhi that Priya will start controlling the house. She didn’t want her to come back. Juhi provokes Pihu against Priya. Pihu says, she can’t tolerate Suhani in the house. Juhi promises to handle her. Juhi is about to gossip with the guest about Suhani being a single mom. Priya hears her and stops her. She makes it clear that Khush is going to marry Suhani soon. She asks Juhi not to worry about Suhani. Keep reading Bade Achhe Lagte Hain.

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