Ram and Priya are heading to stay together in Bade Achhe Lagte Hain. They come to meet each other. Ram asks her to come back to her house. Priya refuses citing Pihu’s hatred. Ram says, it should not matter to them as their togetherness is what shall matters. Priya says, Pihu is very stubborn and she may not like her coming home. Ram convinces her to come back. Ram says, they will be together till death and asks if she loves him. Priya replies that she loves him so much and even death can’t separate them. He promises to handle Pihu.

Ram comes and tells everyone that Priya is coming back to the house. He says, he doesn’t interfere in anyone’s personal matters and would not like anyone interfering in his life. Pihu says, Priya will break her marriage. Ram asks Pihu to go to Sammy’s house. Juhi supports Pihu. Ram warns everyone to behave good with Priya else leave the house with Pihu.

Natasha calls Priya. Priya tells her about Ram asking her to come back to his life and house. Natasha gets happy for Priya. Priya says, she doesn’t know what to do as she is thinking about Pihu. Natasha asks her to think about her happiness. Khush asks Priya not to go to Ram. Suhani supports Priya. Khush says, he does n’t want Priya to get hurt again. Priya says, she don’t want to go leaving Khush and Suhani.

Mamaji discuss with the family about Priya’s come back. Juhi thinks Priya took away her happiness and she will not let that happen again. Pihu thinks she will not let Ram and Priya stay together. Rajat decides to go back to Dubai. Vikram and Cady ask him to stay longer. Ram warns Sammy to stay happily with Pihu and not do any mistake else he will take back his luxuries. Vikram calls Ram. Ram alleged Vikram for taking over his business. Vikram is shocked to hear about the allegations. Ram says, one Priya come back to his life then he will sack everyone.

Vikram gets upset about Ram’s words. Pihu calls him. Vikram tells him about Ram suspecting him of doing a fraud in the company. Pihu says, he is behaving weird and is going mad for Priya. Vikram informs Daijaa about Priya returning to Kapoor Mansion and Ram suspecting him of doing a fraud. Ram calls Priya and says he is missing her. Priya senses he is hiding something and asks about the same. Ram says, nothing. He asks her to think about tomorrow and disconnects the call.

Vikram starts drinking thinking about Ram’s words. Rajat comes and says everything will be fine. Vikram says, he will go and talk to Ram. Rajat asks him to talk to Ram tomorrow. Rajat decides to talk to Ram about Vikram. Pihu tells Ram that she wants to talk to him. Ram says, he doesn’t want to listen anything. He says, you are the only daughter in the world who doesn’t like her parents to be together. Pihu gets upset.

Khush is upset. Priya makes him eat the food with the spoon. Khush asks her, why she wants to go back. Priya says, for Ram. He lived his life for his family and is now alone. She says, you both are coming with me. Khush says, he doesn’t want to go back. Priya says, you can continue your work there too. Khush says, what will happen if Ram hurts you again. Priya asks him to trust her. Suhani thinks, she won’t go back as Sammy and Pihu are there.

Vikram leaves a voice message for Neha. He gets emotional and tells her that he got drunk because of fatty Ram. He says, Ram hurt him. He asks her to come back. Rajat comes to Ram’s house and looks at it. He looks at Ram and Priya’s photos. Pihu comes and hugs him happily. Rajat asks, if she is happy with Sammy. Pihu lies saying she is happy. Pihu tells him that Ram is not listening to them. Rajat tells her that Ram is alleging Vikram of making fraud in business. He says, he is sure Ram won’t blame anyone without proof. Rajat says, Priya is coming back. Pihu says she is curse of the house. Rajat is shocked. Pihu goes on speaking badly about Priya. She calls her selfish and manipulative. Rajat says, Priya can’t be wrong. Pihu says, she does black magic on everyone. Ram thinks about Priya. Rajat tells Daijaa that he has decided to stay there until all the problems are solved.

Natasha comes to meet Pihu. Pihu says, she won’t forgive Ram for his decision. Natasha asks, what did Ram do? She says, you are bhai and Priya’s biggest mistake. No child in this world would separate their parents. Pihu says, I am not like you. Natasha says, you are still standing at the same place and I have moved on. Next week, Ram will take Priya back to Kapoor Mansion. Will Priya be able to solve the misunderstandings between Ram and Vikram? Keep reading Bade Achhe Lagte Hain.

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