In Humsafars, Sahir asks Rahman to leave with his daughter Samaira and threatens to trap him in the burnt factory case. Zaki talks to Samaira and asks her to get the paternity test done to prove that the child is his. Samaira however cries and tries to emotionally trap in her tears. Rahman comes and hears their conversation and accuses Zaki. Zaki tells him that he didn’t do anything wrong. Samaira tells him about her pregnancy. Rahman swears to get her married to Zaki at any cost. Rahman comes to Sahir’s room in the night and tells him that he killed the goon/witness who helped him in burning the factory. In the morning, Rahman makes breakfast for everyone and tells Alvira that they are going. He acts helpless and breaks the news about Samaira being pregnant with Zaki’s child.

Zaki refuses to accept that and blames Samaira for carrying someone else child. Sahir gets angry and slaps him. Kurti Apa accuses Arzoo for lying about her pregnancy. Arzoo cries. Sahir tells Rahman that you will get justice. Zaki comes to Sahir and tells him that he loves Arzoo. Sahir gets shocked. Sahir asks him about Samaira’s baby. Zaki tells him that she is lying. He tells him that they both love each other. Sahir gets jealous.

Kurti Apa and Anam come to Samaira and assure support to her. Kurti Apa gives her taweez to keep her away from evil eye. Zaki apologizes to Arzoo and tells her that Samaira is not ready to get the paternity test done. Sahir comes to the hospital as he gets a call from Doctor informing him that Zeenat us showing signs of recovery and suggests him to shift her to New York for better treatment. Sahir decides to fulfill his promise to Zeenat. He calls Rahman and offers him 50 % partnership, but Rehman asks him to get Zaki and Samaira engaged in 24 hours.

Zaki pinches Samaira with a pin and gets her blood on the cotton to get the test done. Arzoo collects the cotton in the bottle and determines to prove Zaki innocent. Zaki calls the lab asking for the report, he is informed that the blood sample given was not of a human but of a parrot. He gets shocked. Kurti Apa talks to Rahman and badmouths about Arzoo. Sahir hears it and believes on Kurti Apa’s words. He gets convinced that Arzoo is a cunning woman who is after his money. He tells Zaki that Arzoo is after his money and wants to become daughter in law of the house anyhow.

Sahir calls to talk to Mr. John, but the man who picks the call informs him that the deal is put on hold as Rahman Saheb asked them. Sahir gets shocked and angry. Sahir asks Zaki to accept Samaira and her child. Zaki refuses to marry and tells him that he will marry Arzoo since they both love each other. Sahir tells him that she only wants the family’s money and that it will prove it to him by making her say ‘I love you’ to him. Next day Sahir comes to know that it is Arzoo’s birthday today.

Sahir asks Samaira to keep Zaki away from the house for the day so that he can execute his plan. He promises to unite her and Zaki together. Zaki plans surprise birthday party for Arzoo. Samaira comes and asks him to take her to the hospital as she is not well. She faints on him. Sahir works on his secretive mission and asks his employee to keep Arzoo away from his secret project. Arzoo feels humiliated and confronts Sahir.

Arzoo comes to Sahir’s cabin and gets surprised to see the candles all around. Sahir unveils the dress from the statue which he personally designed and gifts it to Arzoo on her birthday. Arzoo is really touched. Sahir asks her to wear that dress and come for the celebration. Arzoo wears the dress and comes to him. While Zaki is stuck in the hospital and Samaira pretends to be ill. Doctor keeps her under observation till morning. Sahir asks Arzoo to cut the cake. Arzoo cuts the cake and makes Sahir eats it. Sahir asks her hand for dance. They dance romantically on the song Rabta………………….Arzoo and Sahir hug each other. Sahir confesses his love for Arzoo and tells her I love you Arzoo Nausheen Khan…………Arzoo gets shocked and moves away. She tells him that she doesn’t love him. Sahir gets shocked and feels dejected. He gets angry. Arzoo goes from there. Keep reading.

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