Ek Nayi Pehchaan is based on a relationship between a mother in law Sharda and her daughter in law Sakshi. Sakshi gets married to Sharda’s son Karan. Karan doesn’t like her at first, but later falls for her. Sakshi encourages Sharda to learn English and get educated. Sharda gets educated after taking permission from her husband Suresh. Sharda’s teacher informs her that she is going to London for an international literacy conference. Sakshi gets excited and asks her to go. Sharda thinks to take Suresh’s permission. Sharda’s teacher praises Suresh for supporting Sharda. Sharda thinks Suresh won’t agree. Sakshi asks her to talk to Suresh.

Sharda talks to Suresh about her teacher asking her to attend the conference. Suresh flatly refuses the proposal and reminds her of her responsibilities towards him and their house. Sharda thinks he is right as she has to take care of the house. She tells Sakshi that being a mother she have to think about her house first. Sakshi thinks to convince Sharda first before convincing Suresh.

Sakshi tells Karan about Sharda being selected for an international conference. Karan gets excited and decides to convince Suresh. Karan convinces Sharda to go and feels proud of herself. He assures her that Sakshi will take care of the house responsibility and he will convince Suresh. Karan talks to Suresh. Suresh says, London is very far and its culture is different. Sakshi says, Karan’s friends are there and they will take care of Sharda. Suresh permits Sharda to go and look at the outside world. Sharda gets happy. Suresh tells his mother that Sharda will get frightened and return soon.

Sharda tells Sakshi and Karan that Suresh is not happy about her going to London. They encourage her to prove herself and be confident. Sharda prepares food for her family. Sakshi informs Sharda’s teacher that Sharda agreed to attend the conference. He asks her to send her passport. Sharda tells Sakshi that she doesn’t have passport. Sakshi assures her that she will do something. Aditya and Latika talks about stealing Karan’s presentation. Karan hears and gets sad.

Sakshi misses her mom on mother’s day and talks to her. Sharda serves the food to her children. Karan comes and provokes Latika to tell the truth. He tells her that he knows that she stole the presentation along with Aditya. Latika says, her presentation was better than his. Karan regrets fighting with Sakshi because of Latika. Sharda gets sad seeing her children fighting with each other. Sakshi consoles Sharda.

Karan apologizes to Sakshi. Sakshi forgives him. She shares mother’s day plan with Karan. Karan likes her plan. Sakshi asks Latika to help her in the mother’s day plan. Latika agrees. Sakshi goes to Sharda’s room and speaks to Suresh about her plan for Mother’s day. Suresh gets surprised. Sakshi gets Dadi agreed for her plan. Dadi gives her jewellery box. Sakshi gets happy. Sakshi shows Karan’s childhood memories with his siblings. Sakshi tells him that she will prepare a slide with the photos.

Sakshi prepares breakfast and tells Dadi that she doesn’t want Sharda to work today. Sharda comes. Dadi tells her about having stomachache. Sharda says, dadi will eat khichdi today. She sees the vegetarian dishes and likes it. Sakshi’s mom comes and gives surprise to Sakshi on Mother’s day. Sharda greets her. Sakshi asks Sharda to wear her favourite saree and come with her for dinner at 7 pm. Karan and Latika laugh after seeing their childhood pics. Sakshi hopes to make everything fine. Sakshi switches off the lights. Sharda gets worried. Sakshi takes Sharda to the hall and asks Karan to switch on the lights. Karan switches on the lights and everyone start clapping wishing Sharda on the mother’s day. Sakshi makes her sit on the chair and shows her the slide. Sharda gets emotional.

Karan gives the speech and praises his mom sharda. He says, he loves his mom very much. Sharda gets emotional and hugs him. Latika then gives her speech and to her for hurting her. Sharda hugs her. Then Chirag gives the speech and praises Sharda. Sharda hugs him. She gets emotional to hear good words from her children. Then they start enjoying the Mother’s day by singing and dancing on the song Meri Maa…..and Itni Si Hasi……They wish Sharda A Happy Mother’s Day together. Next week, Sharda will be heading to London. Keep reading to know how she gets adjusted in foreign nation. Keep reading Ek Nayi Pehchaan.

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